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About two years ago I made my first suit ever and now after a ton of practice I've decided to redo the original suit. So here's the build thread!

Attached is the first suit just so I can keep track of what's improved.


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Ok. The helmet was a pain... I still want to practice more with helmets so expect more of those in the thread.


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Well one boot partially finished. I added about a 4 inch platform to it so once the armor is complete my full height will be about 7 foot 1. Like I said, still a work in progress but any C and C is always welcome!
So your 6'9" huh... wow.

Cant wait for FOTR to discover this thread...

Sean Anwalt

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That is a glorious boot! I'm jealous. It looks really, really good. A little Seam work will do you good, and I'd recommend reinforcing that sucker as much as you can, but it looks fantastic.
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