halo 4 movie idea no live action(need some help)


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First scene UNSC group fire team storm enters the base visibility.we have the introduction to all the characters and the AI. the ai the tell what they doing there then they see the robot and ask what is it doing there the ai says that it will be taken in the next month.

Middle of movie the AI finds a old forerunner system that still works the ai try to contact it and then the AI gets hijacked by the forerunner system then a part of the base has a problem so the gunner was go to the airlock to see what happened that is when the ai told him i will take care of it then gunner hear the robot get up and stare at him for 4 sec. when the robot goes out of the airlock he runs to the meeting room where the rest of the team is and when the gunner he tells them about the ai and what it is doing in the robot so they star for the computer room on the way there the ai told them it will all be fine if you will die so he shot the commander in the leg the rest of the team help the commander to the computer room and close the door calls the unsc infinity to tell them what is going on. the unsc tells them to be ready to be save
Ending scene Ai is trying to destroy the door while the special ops meant for destroying and Capturing Road Ai is on their way to the base while the commander from being shot is being healed by the medic
And ending scene the group found the AI destroyed it and took back fire team storm to Noufaily to be questioned about the events that occurred

i am making a halo 4 movie having some problems trying to make a scrip and name to it