Halo 4 recruit helmet build

Halo Infinite will be releasing soon so I'd like to get in on the hype by making another gift for a friend this Christmas. I'm going to be making the recruit helmet from halo 4.
Materials used:
EVA Foam
Clear binder divider (visor material)
Xacto knife
Titanium Scissors
Sharpie or Marker
Cement glue (my hot glue ran out)
Painters tape
Navy blue spray paint

Usually it takes me about 4 days to make a helmet build so I'll try to do this in 3 days.
Day 1 Tracing and cutting patterns
Day 2 glue pieces
Day 3 Painting day

So far everything for day 1 is complete!
Day 2 Well I didn't finish gluing as planned but I was able to glue half of the helmet today. Some parts were trimmed to fit my friends head by almost making it fit my head. Tomorrow I will finish gluing. Although the barge cement I have is almost running out so I might have to go buy some more glue.

Yes I know some glue is visible on the edges. Uh I think that the glue has to really me held together when gluing parts. The tape I used originally for my other projects to hold the seams together ran out and I switched tape so that's why.

Anyways I gotta sleep and then finish up tomorrow after studying


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Almost done gluing now. Some parts didn't glue right so I fixed that by sealing gaps and holes with handfuls of foam clay. Visor fits well after being taped in. I prefer to glue the visor in after spray painting though


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Recruit helmet is completely finished now! The whole helmet has been painted and fixed with foam clay. I also added a orange wire led after taping the visor in so it glows in the dark. Tomorrow I'll see if I can glue a flashlight on the sides and then do photoshoots then wrap it in gift wrap.
I sure hope my friend will like this gift!


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Today I was able to take photos of the finished recruit helmet. I decided not to attach a flashlight because I already placed in led lights.
I'm just gonna wrap this helmet in gift wrap today because I'm busy with other projects and I have upcoming tests.

Anyway I like this build so far. Color scheme looks great too. I'll just have to scale parts a little bit if I want to make another one in the future. I will make some more halo 4 helmets next year. I'll have to pull up the Halo 4 multiplayer menu for reference next time.
I hope this will make a great gift!
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