For Sale Halo 4 Venator armor

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I'm downsizing some of my builds to make room for something really big, so I'm selling one of my armor suits, this is a foam suit with 3d printed helmet, I 3d printed the helmets (there are 2) myself the first one goes with the suit the other was a beginning of a new project, just never finished it. It is designed to fit me (I am 6ft tall and over 200 pounds) so there is flexibility in it. The under suit has metal tabs and Velcro pieces in it to attach the armor size large for pants, and xl for shirt, the shoes are size 10. Any questions feel free to message me I am in Alabama and would really not like to try to ship this thing. I am asking $600 for the whole thing

Halo pieces1.jpg Halo pieces2.jpg Halo pieces3.jpg Halo pieces4.jpg Halo pieces5.jpg Halo pieces6.jpg Halo Side.jpg