Halo 4 Warrior Helmet Build ( need a bit of help pls )

Discussion in 'Halo Pepakura Costumes' started by WolfsParadise5, Jan 10, 2019.

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    Im trying to do up a warrior helmet and I have bumped into a couple of things .

    1. After putting in my measurements in Pepakura Designer 4 , There were plenty of overlapping parts and I couldn't get any way to fix this , I have sent the .pdo file I used in a zip ( not using the paid version tho so its not saved ) ( setting the width to 235mm gets the other measurements correct for me somehow :/ ) .

    2. What type of paper should I use when printing this , are 120gsm stock cards okay or should I use something else ??

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    Regular old cardstock should be just fine if you are doing the fibreglass resin method. 20190110_185634.jpg click on this and then click on the 2d unfolds of the paper to seperate those parts of the paper and making a second peice. Do this to make those bug peices smaller aswell to fit more onto less peices of paper. I hope I understood correctly and helped out.
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    Hey don't forget to enable the numbering in pepakura if you haven't already done so!! I found if you do it after you move the overlapping parts around it can sometimes rearrange the page layouts for the entire piece. Very annoying!

    Good luck!!!
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