Halo 5 GameFiles into Pepakura?

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by AgentRichochet, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. AgentRichochet

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    So I was about to start building my new armor for upcoming event "Yucon" and I wanted to be my Spartan in con. So I decided how I should look like and came here to download the files and print them. But as I see, there were only gamefiles for armors. And when I try to unfold them in pepakura designer it always says "Too many faces" and unfold will become almost impossible to understand. What should I do? What I need to do? Anyone can help??
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    Hmmm, never had that happen before. Is there a specific armor set that you were looking at?

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  3. SavedbyGraceG12

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    Unfold tutorial (Satchmo III)

    Check out the link above. Great tutorial! That's pretty much how I got started with unfolding files. I downloaded his pdo. file that he used in the tutorial, reset the file back to beginning without the unfold, and followed along. Also, keep this in mind, most game assets need some clean up in a 3d modeling program before importing them into pepakura. Usually models are kitbashed. It may seem like one solid model, but some parts of a helmet for example might have bits and pieces just floating around. Those pieces are just merging through the model, without actually connecting. This creates problems in pepakura leaving things unconnected, or open edges. Hope this info helps you with getting started.
  4. AgentRichochet

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    Halo 5 Air Assault Helmet but the rest isn't that much important for right now
    Is there a tutorial about 3D clean up too? Btw Thank you for unfolding tutorial I'm sure it will help
  5. SavedbyGraceG12

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    File it under Crimmson

    Here a good starting point. Check out the stickies in the 3d modeling section. Also, when it comes to modeling and cleaning up the helmet files I usually go back to Crimmson's example for reference. What I've noticed with most of the helmet files from halo5 the visors or separate. What I did with the Achilles helm I needed to manually connect the vetices of the visor to the helm. Some helms might not have parts floating around. It depends on the level of details the helm has. Some details a helm has is really just a illusion. Other details appear from the use of bump maps, which has a effect on the diffuse map(texturemap). I know it seems like a lot of work, but with practice, and patience, you'll get there.

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