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Halo 5: Guardians - MJOLNIR GEN2 - Mark VI G1 - Scarred

Halo 5: Guardians - MJOLNIR GEN2 - Mark VI G1 - Scarred 1.0

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Art Andrews

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Art Andrews submitted a new resource:

Halo 5 - MJOLNIR GEN2 - Mark VI G1 - Scarred - MJOLNIR [GEN2] Mark VI G1 Scarred from Halo 5

This is a comprehensive zip file including numerous files from multiple artists.

Contents of zip-file:

Game Assets (Assets made available by Chernobyl)
  • halo-5-mjolnir-gen2-mark-vi-g1-scarred-body-female.obj
  • halo-5-mjolnir-gen2-mark-vi-g1-scarred-body-male.obj
  • halo-5-mjolnir-gen2-mark-vi-g1-scarred-helmet.obj
  • halo-5-mjolnir-gen2-body-mark-vi-scarred-diff-texture.jpg
  • halo-5-mjolnir-gen2-body-mark-vi-scarred-normal-texture.jpg...

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