Halo 5 Helmet Scaling, the intrinsic issue

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Hey all!

I've been working with the Halo 5 assets for about a week now, tweaking difference scaling options for them. Something I've discovered is that if you actually make your armor to-scale no helmet will ever fit on your head if you have a large head. As I have a large head this is naturally an issue, and one that I've yet to figure out how to rectify. I've toyed with the ideas of making truescale armor with height boosts, and even that doesn't help (My required space to fit my head in is approximately 21 cm and most helmets have an average of 17cm or so).

How have you others gotten around this issue?

Edit: I remeasured, the space I need is 19cm, but the issue still applies for the most part.
Most people who make helmets and cast them make big (or VERY big) helmets, which are more like bobblehead, unless you're a tall person.

It always depends on which helmet you want, but unless it's strangely built, it should fit you.

It has to fit on your head and between your ears. Don't measure the opening. on the bottom.

It's really hard to have a VERY big head. Normally, head is proportional with a body, little bigger or smaller but never SO big that it would be unproportional (unless one suffers a condition).

For example, taking my Scout helmet. I have made two of them tight fitting, but the second is just a little bit bigger, because when I was looking at it with the armor, it looked just a little bit too small when I compared it to the in-game model.

Here you can see the new helmet on the left, it is normally how it looks in the game. BUT if you'd keep it like that, you'd NEVER fit it onto your head, the opening is WAY too small... or you'd make a HUGE bobblehead.

Cut out the bottom so it fits on my head. It's a tighter fit (I have about 1-2cm space on the sides of the the helmet, so my ears sometimes touch the sides)

Here is how the first helmet looks like with the chest armor.

Here is how the second helmet looks with the chest armor. It looks pretty much true to the in-game. Please mind I'm lacking the armor on the shoulders, so it may come off bigger than normally it would, as shoulder make the armor bigger to the eye, but when I compared it to the in-game model it seemed that I pretty much nailed the scale.

So, as I said - unless you have a VERY big head (or you need to wear glasses inside, etc.) or the helmet is very strangely designed it IS possible to make a small and tight-fitting helmet that it proportionally scaled to the armor.

The opening on the bottom doesn't have (or even shouldn't be, unless you can make those parts separate and connect them later on) scaled or the helmet will be too big.

As you see, you could make your helmet even too small. Also, you shouldn't measure helmet to your body - people are shorter or bigger. You should scale it to your armor as well, because later it can turn out it is too small.

Also, I'm a shorter person, if I'd wear any of the helmets people cast and sell, I'd look as if I had a bobblehead.

- Palmer
That was a very helpful response! Thank you a lot. That told me about what I needed to know, which solves the entire issue. Maybe I could make a foam piece for the bottom of the helmet that Velcro's into place? That seems like it could work for a helmet with a tight neck seal.
That was a very helpful response! Thank you a lot. That told me about what I needed to know, which solves the entire issue. Maybe I could make a foam piece for the bottom of the helmet that Velcro's into place? That seems like it could work for a helmet with a tight neck seal.

Happy I could help!

This is a good idea, depends which helmet you want to make. Most Halo Reach helmets have parts of the helmet on the bottom at the back which would totally make it impossible to put on, unless it's 2-parts or something.
Just, then it could be harder to put on your helmet as you'll have to connect two parts and often it is impossible to do it yourself as armor does limit and restrain your movement, so then you have to ask someone (a handler if you have) to do it for you.


That's why mostly it's just skipped, that small part of the helmet. If you make a neck seal or your undersuit so that it covers your neck, it'll be perfect.
I used full body morphsuit, so I didn't have to make a separate neck seal, but just used foam inside to make it stay in place. I tested it and when I put on my helmet, my skin wasn't visible at all.
I can make a photo.



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I was thinking a 2-part seal made of craft foam, set to the bottom of the helmet. If it needs to be hard parts it could also be 2-part fiberglass pieces with magnets, or any range of any other things. The craft foam would definitely provide a larger advantage as it would be soft.

I was mostly thinking of the Anubis set, however other sets have gained my attention as well. It mostly depends on what I can figure out regarding storage, comfort, and ventilation.
Such seal could be done both ways, either hard with magnets or soft made out of foam, craft foam, rubber, anything really.

Just, that you're aware - either way you choose, it'll be harder to put the helmet on and you might probably have to ask someone for help, because armor mostly limits your movement and you may not be able to reach so far by yourself.

- Palmer
This is wher cardboard and hot glue can save you a fortune in lost time and money. You can print on normal A4 sheet, paste or trace it onto cardboard from nappy boxes, beer cartons and have it all glued together for a test-fit in a single evening.
Is your issue with the size of the helmet on the inside, or fitting your head through the neck hole? I would assume that the issue is the internal helmet space, but if the issue is with the neck hole, you can always do a rubber neck cowl/seal sort of thing on the back of the helmet to fix that issue. Alternatively, if there isn't a rubber looking seal on the in=game helmet, you can use a dremel on your finished helmet and cut away the back part and use magnets to attach and remove it.
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