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Sierra 107

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Hello all! I should have started the thread back when I started this build, but alas, I didn't.

Firstly, a huge thanks to whereisdanielle and thatdamnjodie for helping me get this far. Without them, it's likely that I would have gained no traction on building in such a short time span. And with that, on with the progress!

The shins were built first using a combo of both 11mm foam tiles and 1mm crafting foam (plus a lot of hot glue). At first I was unsure as to whether the scale was correct (I'm quite large, so making mistakes with scale always sucks), but turns out it is a perfect fit. Afterwards were the boots. I mounted the pieces onto a canvas sneaker using a combination of contact adhesive, hot glue, bobby pins, and many tears. I tried my best to optimise the placement of the pieces on the shoe so as to ensure they do not drag, and I still have traction using the treads on the sneaker. I also attached some wiring into the back of the shoe to help put them on without falling head over heels.

Afterwards came the thighs. First attempt to build those ended disastrously as they were ridiculously overscaled, and definitely not possible to wear. The good news was that in the same week, my helmet and undersuit arrived! I ordered a Disguise Master Chief helmet in the adult size, as well as a Zentai bodysuit (with an attached balaclava). After which, the thighs were completed, and the gauntlets/handplates are being built as I type. As I don't have enough time to construct the chest piece, shoulders, and ab piece/butt plate, I will be dying a very large amount of hessian fabric to make PONCHO CHIEF!

Oh, and did I mention the deadline is this Friday? Of course not. Wish me luck! More progress will be posted soon.

~ Sierra




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Sierra 107

405th Regiment Officer
Additionally, if anybody would like hi resolution renders of Master Chief's armour in Halo 5, check out my gallery after this weekend! Here's one in the meantime to tide you guys over :)


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Sierra 107

405th Regiment Officer
Starlight week was a great success at my local store! We ended up beating both our targets for fundraising and while there were a few malfunctions with my suit, ultimately it ended up proving to be a successful weekend :)

My thighs split apart at multiple seams and my boots came apart unfortunately. While I did perform a last minute patch up job on the boots, the thighs will likely have to be refilled and fixed up for next month's outing. Additionally, the elbowguards on my gauntlets stick out like mad, so I will be correcting that too. In the mean time, I will be constructing the remainder of the suit - the chest, ab piece, butt plate, shoulders, biceps, and building up the undersuit. I will post progress of that endeavour soon enough, but for now, here's the suit in action!

IMG_2665.JPG 18361258_10154343979750974_786402450_n.jpg 18339410_10154344661995974_954175103_o.jpg 18404045_1731623526854459_1273619177843863898_o.jpg IMG_2643.JPG IMG_2646.JPG IMG_2655.JPG 18378895_10211016389358933_140486446_o.jpg 18318586_1559798474030708_365521835_o.jpg


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That is great to hear Sierra! I'd like to give a recommendation for if you were to continue as the cloaked Chief. Hit up some thrift stores for a dirt bike chest guard. It will give the appearance of armor under the cloak.

I look forward to seeing your progress. :)


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You all look FANTASTIC!!!! Great job on the fundraising victory.

Sierra 107

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Very late update!!

So, unfortunately due to work, health issues, and a whole flurry of other problems, I wasn't able to complete the rest of Chief :( I also had to reinforce the heck out of a lot of pieces of his, but unfortunately some just didn't stand against time and didn't work out well - mainly the thighs, plans for the undersuit and the boots.

Last weekend was Sydney Supanova 2017, and as thatdamnjodie was suited up, I knew I had to as well. Couples who costume together, stay together!

Here are some images :) You can find more here, as I don't think the servers would like me uploading very high res images :p

19238547_10154662967095732_1003925248_o.jpg 56251.png 19417425_757443211094881_2323321886622036023_o.jpg 19388691_757443314428204_178047268275856219_o.jpg 19250648_757443304428205_3815037138317441590_o.jpg
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