Halo 5 Weapon Models

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Hello all. So recently I have been wanting to make some of the Halo 5 Weapons, however I noticed that all of the models vanished with the site move. So I started looking around and learning, and I have been able to pull the weapon assets from H5: Forge. Now I have to give credit where credit is due, much of this is based on the work Chernobyl and others have done, I am simply continuing where they left off and sharing the models.

Right now I have most of the non-UNSC stuff finished, I will start on the UNSC soon.

Now a couple of things to get out of the way.
- I am starting with the Weapons and attachments since that is where my interest lays.
- I will not discuss the tools used, like Chernobyl said we are able to host these at the grace of 343i/MSoft lets not push it.
- Please don't make request/demands, I am still learning so some thing will take time to get.
-If you open these in any 3D Program they are OVERSIZED, they will need to be properly scaled before any work can be done on them.

In this first dump I give the Covenant and Forerunner Weapons as well as the Turrets and Stands. These are in a .rar file and the models are saved as .OBJ's although I would not recommend making them with pepakura.

Covenant Weapons
Forerunner Weapons

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Yay more H5 assets!!! Thank you for picking this up I think this is a huge contribution to the community. I know sadly without Chernobyl the newer H5 assets have been pretty limited.

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Okay, one last file dump... well two. I just finished pulling all of the attachments and the MP Items. The only thing I did not do were the stabilizer jets as they, well that model is a mess. Each weapon got their own set of jets and they are all melded into one model. I am still looking through everything that is included in the files and I will start pulling more soon. I am currently torn between trying to pull the armor or vehicles but it will probably boil down to what I can and cant pull.

MP Items

P.S. This is what all of the armor stacked on top of itself looks like.
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That... um... thing... It looks like a Clown armor set. I would totally murder or run away for my life if it ever got near me...


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So seeing as the Armor assets have been re uploaded to the Armory I am holding off on pulling the armor unless specifically requested. In the mean time I have started work on pulling the Vehicle models. more news to follow.


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ooooo so want some of these just to make and put on my wall. Oh boy i sound like benton now....crud