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Halo and Cosplay Library Program, Chicago Area, Illinois, November 12th saturday

Discussion in 'Midwest Regiment' started by sassmaster, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. sassmaster


    Re: Halo and Cosplay Library Program, Chicago Area, Illinois, November 5th saturday

    yeah that would be cool to get some peoples pictures, i can incorporate them in my presentation and such
  2. Sentri


    i can have pics of my completed suit and my in progress one. in addition to a video blog of the con if you want.
  3. sassmaster


    Sweet! yeah, i would love it for you guys to submit stuff to me having your ok so i can use them. you can just p.m me for the stuff or provide links to the stuff here, which ever is easier. you can even submit stuff through my jobs tumblr "http://pcplteens.tumblr.com/" just tag it, "cosplay program, halo program, etc" if you want
  4. locostorm


    you need more pics and or people still?
  5. sassmaster


    i rather have more pics then not enough,so i bring em on!!! XD
    Private Jenkins likes this.
  6. locostorm


    all right here you are.
  7. Private Jenkins

    Private Jenkins


    I would be willing to help out if you need. i can help transport or set up. i think this is something that would be fun and educational, especially for younger kids. :)

    good idea, and well planned!
    sassmaster likes this.
  8. sassmaster


  9. Private Jenkins

    Private Jenkins


    it would be great to see some of the local people there. we should turn it into a gathering if we can, it would be nice to meet some of you all face to face finally.

    Thanks for posting this Sass!
  10. Cadet

    Cadet Executive Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    PM your mailing address and I will get some activity books in the mail to you tomorrow.
  11. Private Jenkins

    Private Jenkins

    I just found out i will be traveling this weekend for work. i am going to be in Dallas/Fort Worth area this Sunday. I am so bummed...
  12. sassmaster


    The program went off without a hitch , roughly 15-20 people showed up which is a good turn out for events the library holds. i'm thinking of holding one next year again before october so people can build their own armor for halloween.

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