Halo: Apocalypse

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Is it the fourth installment in the Halo series? No, unfortunately. Is it a 2D Halo game for the PC? Yes!

And I'm making it. No, it is not a Halo clone, because I've changed a few things. Like the fact that one of the unlockables is a Santa Hat and I changed the HUD. Hopefully you will have the first demo before Christmas, because I themed the whole game with winter.

The game is Halo: Apocalypse, and I've checked to see if anyone has used this name before. No one has.

The game will have teabagging.

There may be a map designer.

I'd like to tell you otherwise, folks, but those of you on Macs can't join in the fun. The software I use is not compatable. :cry: But you could play on a friend's PC, maybe.

The two attachments are two screenshots. The first is the menu (unfinished), the second is the game in action (you play as the Blue spartan against a Red CPU). You will be able to play against others online.

Map Names: (please post some suggestions)
> The Last Stand
> Betrayal
Looks like a Halo:Zero ripoff..No offense intended..

That was a 2D flash game on the PC made by someone awhile ago.
I know, I used the sprites. But this is completely from scratch and I don't use Flash.

Personally, I think Halo Zero sucks. It's not very fun (except in the Warthog).
are you gunna have like side scrolling missions in it later? i think this is awsomness!!! finally a halo my GFX card can support!!! FTW halo apocolypse!!!
Durlaburban said:
are you gunna have like side scrolling missions in it later? i think this is awsomness!!! finally a halo my GFX card can support!!! FTW halo apocolypse!!!

Yep. And if my graphics card can support it, yours can, because my card is really bad. :D
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Will you make armor perms?
Is the Santa hat in the final version?
Can everybody unlocked it?
I can't wait for this.
Hey will there be vehicles, Chopper, Warthog, Mongoose ect.?
Armor customization choosing colors.
What is the campaign about is it a real story or like a fake funny holidayish one?
It's going to be a real story, but when the demo is released, you will not be able to play actual story. You will only be able to explore the maps, fight the AI, and play around with all of the unlockables, already unlocked for you.

Then, the next time a demo comes out, you will be able to play Campaign. It will be a story. I will also include a Missions mode where all you do are missions that are updated frequently by downloading the game again automatically.

Yes, there will be vehicles too. :D

And, armor customization is being planned, but you might not be able to change the color.
Durlaburban: It's not so much as not knowing how to do color change as working to make more sprites than needed, even though I know the easiest way. I might have color change in the near future. Also, I've never heard of Dream Maker...

DKK: I'm coding it in C++ kindof, I'm using software called Game Maker. It has it own language resembling C. :D
Rid34, for color change, couldn't you just put image_blend=*desired color*? or something similar to that? In the group i'm in, I do graphics, so i'm not much into the programming.
Lemme just ask... Are you confident you will finish this game without giving up? I've seen so many cool projects fall through.
rider Dream maker is game maker on steroids. i would appreciate it if you speed up the run speed to. its kinda slow. alsom could you slow the ai speed so they cant run a billion times faster?
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