Halo: Apocalypse

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Can anyone think up some map names for my game Halo: Apocalypse? I will give you credit. And I'm too lazy to try to think up some.

Also, mods, can you please move this to Halo Universe? I can't post topics there. :mad:

Pretty Much medical terms kind of and things that had to do with mythical gods. What kind of game is it?
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Supertaco the screenshot in your sig is mine and if you dont give me credit, youll get banned.
how can i give you credit?
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Narrows of Death. *should be the longest map and have you driving a warthog. and also when we start the game can you make it so we choose our own colors.
Or perhaps a series of similar maps named like breakfast cereals, real or fake, like Cornflake Hill, Ricies Mound, that sort of thing.

Sparta :p

Death Valley


Dive Bomber

Screaming Meemie

Using Native American words or Greek, Roman, etc, always fit.
How bout a map called X-Ray?
I always thought that was cool.
or just call one, "Sarge Christi's Map"
It's pretty catchy.
Trapped. <- that'd actually be really good, sounds creepy.
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