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    Ok guys. We're trying something new and exciting here in the Florida Panhandle. I've worked out with a local cosplay maker space, The Foam Forge, to have monthly build days.

    The goal would be to take a person completely new to the Halo costuming world and work with them all the way through the completion of their suit. Our first event is August 19th which you can see here.

    We plan to have this open to anyone and everyone. Those that are have suits will basically take on a mentor position, but the space has room and tools available that every person can work on their own thing. You might notice there is a cost, but this is not charged by us but the facility. This cost goes towards usage of the tools. There is no cost to simply show up and no cost if you are not using the tools. To really clarify it, I'm running the first event, and if I wanted to use the tools, I would have to pay the price.

    The format we have in mind is that we would take an individual that is completely new. Have them create a forum account, help them find templates, size and scale those templates, and then have them come back once they have the paper cut out and ready to cut some foam. The facility sales foam, so people can buy it there as needed. We then guide and teach them through each step of the process: cutting foam, gluing foam together, sealing and finishing seams, painting, strapping and so on. This will help also help everyone get to know each other and build a community.

    I want to stress these are not classes, but build days. People will be building things and working on their projects. We just want to do as a group.

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    I really like the idea of physically teaching someone rather than just over the forums! Good luck on this idea and I hope all turns out well!
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    Great class!! Thanks for offering this class and helping us get started!
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    Thanks. I agree that with armor building it's a whole lot better to learn from doing and physically being taught. Building something like what we build in isolation can lead to frustration and disenchantment. This way moral is keep high and we grow and learn together as a group.
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    This is a great idea......I would love to get my friends in to this and teach them how to build their own suit......however, they are of the mid set of "WOW that looks great.......on you......I'm not going to even try"........at least they think I'm cool.
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