Halo Campaign Skulls 3D Models


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After I was asked about any 3D models for the Halo campaign skulls, I did a bit of a hunt and noticed there wasn't too many options available out there - so I decided to model one and share it for free. Kudos to Jeffw773 as the skull model in which this was based off came from his Halo Archive.

I'm taking requests for the campaign skulls with the debossed symbols on the noggin, so if you'd like me to make one, just let me know and I'll add it to the Thingiverse page! I've also uploaded a .svg file with all the icons so far if anyone needs them for something.




Get them here: Halo Campaign Skull

Current skulls completed:
-Base Skull
-Base skull (with merged teeth)

Halo 3:
-Grunt Birthday Party
-Black Eye
-Tough Luck
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Someone is looking for a full set of the H3 skulls so I'll be working on them. This morning I just finished off the Halo 3 Cowbell, Blind and IWHBYD skulls, so all the H3 silver skulls are done!

Oh, and did a rough render of the Grunt Birthday Party skull for the Thingiverse thumbnail. It's been a little more tedious to make these skulls than it should be because the Boolean modifier is kinda buggin' out.


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Good news: Managed to get three skulls done, from making the outlines in Inkscape to exporting the model from Blender, in under an hour!
Bad news: They were the next easiest skulls.
Halo 3's Mythic, Catch and Thunderstorm are now live on Thingiverse. And I've also uploaded a WIP file of the .svg's so far, if anyone wants to use them for something.


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The power at my place went out the other day, and with no way to be productive, I decided to spend some of my time off the grid oiling up the skull I have printed. I'm glad I did because I didn't expect it to make so much of a difference. And since it's a birthday skull, I guess Happy Birthday ODST!


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