Halo Cartoon Art!


So I recently made an Instagram account where I draw what I call "Tubby People", which are basically chibi like cartoon characters. Two of my first "Tubbies" were Chief and Arby. Since then I have made many more of them plus all of Noble Team and a couple more.
These are all of the existing Halo tubbies that I have drawn at the moment, but I do plan to make more. I made like a list of 50 Halo characters I can draw from. I want to draw Halo 4/5 MC in my newer more detailed style and put the two side by side. So... Ya. I have drawn many others from series like Star Wars, Smash Bros, Mario, Destiny, Marvel and DC.

My most recent one is actually a "new" Chief, since you may notice the style changes a little and I wanted to do the 343 MC as well. Here is the side by side.

Satchmo III

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Obviously the big man Jorge looks awesome. I’m envious of your ability to translate these characters into your own defined style. It’s neat looking at how we develop skills over time and it’s one of the best things about sticking with any hobby. Your pictures would make cool decals on armor builds.

Comparing the past to more recent works, I just wish I could get more on board with some of the 343i design choices. That’s on me and my preferences I guess.

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