Halo CE/Anniversary Hybrid Model (based on MoeSizzlac's Halo Anniversary Armor)

Wayward Flood

I got Armorsmith Designer and started my work on my first suit. I wanted to do an updated Mark V suit to 3D print. I like features on the anniversary armor but wanted my suit to have some features more faithful to the original. To do this I started with MoeSizzlac's Great build. Got on MCC and took reference images between the two versions then got started on the chest this week. It took me an embarrassing amount of time to figure out how to make curves in Blender. Turns out bridge in looptools with 2 parallel edges is the secret. I'll make these available when I'm done for anybody interested.

Front A.png
Front C.png

Wayward Flood

Printed a helmet with very little infill and thin layers so I could better tell how I wanted to reshape it. People are very particular on the MkV visor or atleast I am. Tried to make a see through visor with the clear filament I got. Printed in .4mm layers with a .4 nozzle and no infill. I can't see anything even though there are only 2 walls of PLA. Maybe I'll try a thicker nozzle or only one side of the visor later.

Chest Side A.png
Chest Side C.png

Wayward Flood

I'm now done reworking the helmet. I doubled the visor length on the Z axis about where the ear is. I compensated by lowering the back side of the helmet to. I reworked the light area with the intent of making it easier for people to edit the model in the future for their own light system. I did this by painfully selecting all the faces and removing intersecting ones. Now you just have to modify and remove the cylinders to your pleasure.

Had trouble extending the curves of the helmet at the edited parts but umm.. sandpaper hides all the sins! I also added the light slots to the legs and the 2 on the backpack. I just want to make the visor and do some touch up on the chest before I make the file available for everyone here. Going to try to make a single pained .8mm thick visor to print with a .8mm nozzle. Maybe it will be somewhat functional with my clear PLA.

Wayward Flood

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