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Discussion in 'Halo Props' started by THEdanru, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. THEdanru

    THEdanru New Member

    Hi everyone!

    This is my first thread here on the 405th, though I do have a thread on The RPF about a scratchbuilt pelican.

    I built a CE Magnum out of foam a while ago, and it's my first Halo build. There are plenty of mistakes on the gun, but hey, I learnt a lot from this. And yes, the gun is way too wide. Using a blunt knife created a ton of tearing and so forth, so that was filled with putty. The prop was sealed with PVA glue.

    So that leaves us here.

    I thought it would be easier to paint the lowest layers (ie, panel lines) first and make my way up. This way, I can pick out all the black areas roughly, and then fix up mistakes with silver at the end.

    I am using basic black acrylic paint, nothing really special.

    Next is the indented sights that glow yellow.

    I thought I could mix white, orange and green to make a yellow colour. However, it only resulted in a beige colour, similar to the foam. It looks very different in person.

    So instead, I dug up some old Citadel paint i have, Averland Sunset, and painted the sight with that.

    To do:
    Silver for main body
    Brown for the grip
    Red for the hammer thing
    Black wash (to further refine the black recesses)

    Thanks for looking and happy Cup weekend to any fellow Melburnians!
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  2. DefineLuck

    DefineLuck New Member

    Guns looking really good so far. Excited to see it painted up.
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  3. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    The pistol looks awesome, and I'm digging the direction it's headed. A tip for painting from someone who does a lot of miniatures for the last few steps.

    For those deep recesses and panel lines there's two approaches that work out awesome and are really just tied to the materials you're using and your level of comfort with either technique.
    1. Base the whole thing black, especially the deep recesses. Then apply body colour through thin even coats and successive drybrushing passes. This helps build depth of the colour and adds weathering and highlights as you go. It works really well for angular manmade objects such as this pistol because there's lots of raised edges and highlighting them will make your prop pop.
    2. Base everything silver and then using a watered down acrylic, ink or oil based paint mash blacks and browns into all the recesses and then wipe away the excess with paper towel. This is my favourite method of gunging up a prop, if you work through different blacks and browns it makes it look like excess oil and dirt have accumulated over time.
    The only reason materials comes into consideration is that the first method you need to have larger brushes and a variety of paints on hand while the second method doesn't work very well on porous materials since the effect is based around paint flow and wiping off extra with a damp cloth. I'd guess that you have a few different silvers and white paints around (Citadel minis and all) so even if you don't have an old chip brush around, a well loved toothbrush is awesome as a drybrush for edge highlights and scratches.
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  4. Dirtdives


    And for those of us who grew up in the "Golden Age" of miniatures, Ral Partha, Nick Lund, Guthrie....just to name a few, you could also try a shoe polish technique to get in to those crevices.

    pro_19837.jpg You might think I'm crazy....but it works like a charm......messy as hell so get yourself a box of the disposable gloves. You're gona have to cut off the top to get to the liquid....paint liberally and wipe off the excess just like TurboCharizard describes. It is thin enough that you won't have to give up your favorite toothbrush........... it will get in to those tiny hard to get spots easily. Best part....it will give a great weathered look..... but if you do use a toothbrush.....make sure it's not your daily one..........or else.......:
  5. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    Golden age of miniature painting? I started 40k in 3rd Ed when I was 11. I ain't no grandpappy like Dirtdives but I have my roots well established.
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  6. THEdanru

    THEdanru New Member

    Thanks for all the tips and feedback, guys.

    Unfortunately I have exams over the next two weeks, so I won't be able to work on the magnum until its over.

    I'm a bit concerned that the paint (mixed with some water) would wipe away the PVA glue i used to seal it. So I bought some acrylic clear coat to mitigate this. My plan is to clear coat before the next step, to protect the PVA, paint, then clear coat again to protect the paint when I use some of the black-wash-wipe-away technique.

    See you guys then!
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  7. THEdanru

    THEdanru New Member

    Exams done! I'll start once the weather cools down so I can spray outside
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  8. Dirtdives


    So.......Grandpappy Dirtdives checking in.....how'd ya do?
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  9. THEdanru

    THEdanru New Member

    If you mean the exams, I think I did the best I could in a big hot, stuffy hall
  10. Dirtdives


    Good job!!!! Now get back to building.
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  11. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    Look at Grandpappy, cracking his whip like he used to do when he was building the pyramids.
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  12. Dirtdives


    You bet ya, ya young shipper-snapper!!! Bunch of Northern hooligans is what ya are!! Best mind y'er elders or ya'll catch what fer.......And I ain't built them pyramids......It was those dam aliens...........

    And just FYI....I'm Jewish.......so saying I held the whip is kind of offensive......400 years of slavery will do that to a people...........I got the joke though......funny........:cautious:
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  13. THEdanru

    THEdanru New Member

    It's been raining for three days down here in Melbourne, so no progress unfortunately. Since I have nothing else to post, I thought I'd just post a Magnum blueprint/template here for people to use. Thanks for the 'encouragement'!
    PS. I made this after I built my gun, so this one is much more accurate.

    Magnum Template 1-01.png
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  14. THEdanru

    THEdanru New Member

    No progress yet, I've been procrastinating like hell. :sleep:
  15. THEdanru

    THEdanru New Member


    The Magnum was sprayed with Acrylic Clear Coat to stop the PVA glue from rubbing off.

    20171228_182416[1].jpg 20171228_183305[1].jpg
    The grip is actually a brown colour. I don't have any brown so i mixed up my own with green and red (thanks primary school)

    20171228_190613[1].jpg 20171229_141624[1].jpg
    It took me 2 hours to get the coverage I want. There are some small spots i still need to touch up on the other side.

    I'm not sure if the brown is close enough. What do you guys think? I'll drybrush the grip with the mix plus some white to get some highlights.

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