HALO CE marine armor (with 100% more textures)

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    Hello everyone, I have spent a the past few weeks putting this together.
    This is similar to the CE Sargent hat that I made.
    Note it is not built but I plan on building for next years Comi-Con.
    I have attempted to build Garlens version but found it over sized and bulky. I have used the in game model from CE for this. Another NOTE ( keep in mind some of the black textured areas might be hard to build so use the Pepakura for difference so you fold it all good. This armor is meant to be easy to build and only use card-stock, modge podge and maybe cardboard.
    Scale to your height and it should fit fine. ( do a pre print of paper to test each piece.)
    heres some photos and the file. ( its an all in one)


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