Halo: Combat Evolved Sniper Rifle (SRS-99C)

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This is a model I made of the Halo CE sniper rifle using SketchUp; it can be found on Thingiverse for 3D-printing. The model was made over the course of a weekend, with a few minor fixes afterward. It is designed to break down into sections (Upper Receiver, Lower Receiver, Barrel, Magazine) that fit in a typical rifle case or duffel bag for easy transport and storage, through a series of takedown pins and the removable gas tube. It includes a moving bolt, trigger, and bipod legs, as well as a detachable magazine. Enjoy!

Thingiverse Link:
Halo: Combat Evolved Sniper Rifle by Foam_And_Foundry


  • CE Sniper Back.png
    CE Sniper Back.png
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  • CE Sniper Front.png
    CE Sniper Front.png
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  • CE Sniper Forward.png
    CE Sniper Forward.png
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  • CE Sniper Held FP.png
    CE Sniper Held FP.png
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  • CE Sniper Exp Back.png
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  • CE Sniper Exp Front.png
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