Halo Community Game Night with the Michigan Misfits Costuming Battalion


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Some fans play Halo, some fans live it. The Halo costuming community is attempting to do both this Saturday at 9:00PM EDT with an Xbox MCC game night hosted by the Michigan Misfits Costuming Battalion and the 405th Infantry Division. If you’d like to join in the fun, game sessions will be managed through the 405th Discord which you can join with the link below. All games will be broadcast through both our Twitch channels so if you don’t have an Xbox and still want to enjoy the games there is still a way to participate and hang out with other Halo costuming community members!

405th Discord Link: Join the 405th Infantry Division Discord Server!

405th Twitch Stream:

Michigan Misfits Twitch Stream:

For those unfamiliar with the Discord everything is sorted into convenient channels, the important ones for this event are #hog_game_nights and the voice channels MCC1, MCC2 and MCC Party. #hog_game_nights will have information such as the Gamertags of party leaders and the current game modes being set up. Each of the voice channels will be available for any of the game parties.

Game modes will be mixed multiplayer so expect a wide variety of game types throughout the evening as well as possibility of some fun custom game modes. Welcome to the grab bag of shenanigans!

Due to this event being streamed by the Michigan Misfits and our own Twitch channel we would like you to consider that the streams are a PG13 environment so cursing should be minimized as much as possible to make the stream coordinators lives a little bit easier.

Remember everyone, have fun and stay safe!