halo dog tags

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would anyone be interest in custom dog tags? The dog tags graphics and text are brushed aluminum. They come complete with
rubber trim, (1) S.S. neck chain, (1) S.S. toe tag chain, and clear
plastic covers. i dont know what he will charge yet, i sent him a pic of the halo marine logo and hes going to play around with the idea...heres a pic of my cobra tags that i got from him over the summer and i love them i hang them on my computer sceen

so if anyone is interested in a set lets sign up....i think it would be kool to have them made and if we all meet up a con or dragoncon we can march with them on be like a miltary group
ok the guy wrote back and his going to make some templates tonight and he asked what info do we want on the back of them. if you guys have any info what the marines or any miltary group have on there tags let me know

i know we can use our state's regiment on there

this is what i have on my cobra tag

Cobra 21st Infantry
Code Name/pay grade: (ex. E-1, O-1)
Primary MOS
Springfield #
Favorite Drink
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