Halo E3 News, Halo CE HD and Halo 4!


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I am a torn man, Do I want to scream at M$ and throw various volatile objects at them, or do I want to hold them in a grateful embrace.


Plus I have to work while this announcement is happening.


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"Halo Reach... I'm sorry, i think I'm leaving you for another game... Its not you but... Ok it is you, your not good enough anymore...."


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Ooooohhhhhh boy....I can't stop grinning. Better start saving my $ for this fall.


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OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! If the grin on my face was any bigger, my face would split apart!!! AAAHAHAHAAA

I'm getting sooooo excited! OMG! XD I better start asking for more hours at work because once again, I REALLY gotta fuel that drug addiction. *cough*halo*cough* LOL


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Every TV in every room of my house is turned to spike, so i wont miss a damn thing no matter where i am lol.

Sated on E3 All Access that an old Bungie employee mentioned that this would be a Halo CE remake and that it would have no more purple... i don't like purple all to much but come on, its classic. But that was an old conversation he talked about.


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Am i the only one that hates this? Am I the only one that's seeing the over-saturation happening? This will just become another Guitar Hero....Halo will just go downhill....

Gears of War is fast becoming my favorite.