Halo E3 Trailer: A question of opinion

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Lt Ambrose

Ok, so I've watched the Halo E3 trailer a few times, and I'm sure everyone else has as well. But I've gotten a really weird, and slightly worrisome, feeling from that trailer. As you all know, at the end of the trailer a computer station(or something like it) lights up and you see the Chief take a couple of steps toward it. Just before the trailer ends, you see the Chief bending over the station, as if in thought. Now to the meat and potatoes of this topic.

I know full well that this is a piece that could happen anywhere within the game at any time, but regardless, has it occurred to anyone else that Halo 3 may not have a happy ending? I know you can't see the Cheif's face, but something about his posture seems forboding. Like I said before though, that scene could be anywhere in the game. But I can't shake the feeling that Halo 3 may not end well, from a story line point of view, not an overall awesomeness point of view. I just figured I'd ask for anyone else's opinion on the matter.

On a side note, Brute's + Jump Packs=Oh sh!t, gimmie that rocket launcher QUICK!!!....So yeah, lemme know what you guys, or gals, think.
I have a perfectly fine feeling about it.
1. The Master Chief is a Spartan... I doubt that the game would end with him dying.
2. You play the Master Chief. I can't remember a game I've played where the main character dies... ever.
3. I seriously doubt that Bungie is that dramatic. They may kill a few minor characters, but to kill the Master Chief would loose too many fans, and plummet the Halo franchise into nothingness.
It'll be fine, guys. The music is what's doing this to fans. Have you ever watched a horror movie with the volume muted? It's not scary anymore because there's no music. Sometimes it's just flat out funny.
I dunno, I think theres a reasonable possibility that the Chief dies... They're clearly announced that this is the end of the his 'story arc'.

If the Chief dies to save humanity, he'll be the biggest hero ever in the Halo universe, if he lives.... then theres nothing stopping the story from continuing....

Heroism is more than just fighting and winning... if a hero chooses to make the ultimate sacrifice to save us all, then that hero is immortalized forever...

Bungie probably wants to keep making videogames beyond Halo, they've had a good run with Halo, but I'm sure that they don't want to get pigeonholed into doing ONLY Halo... they have to make a clean break... this might be the only way they can do it and go on to make more amazing franchises.
They better not sell halo like insomiac and ruin the whole thing (like spyro the dragon)
i could see after this trilogy bungie doing a hunting and killing game where you hunt down halo bad guys. like the terrorist leaders both covy and human.
I dont think MC is gonna die. That computer console he leans over looks like a hologram projector or somin. And you can barely see the Arbiter in the background. And maybe he's not sad but he's looking at the hologram to plan their next move.
dude he has damage on his breast plate i am not sure if anyone noticed that and also when the brute was talking about earth burning it showed that scene of that urban envioroment that was on fire it looked tight with the like ash particles floating around the detail level looks amazing. and i wonder if you are finally going to fight along side the other surviving spartans because that would be TIGHT!

also the troop hog is tight i do not know if you guys saw it most likely you did
I just had a new theory. When the Master Chief leans over the table thing and looks "sad", that's what looks like the table and room where Cortana was shown in pain. Now, mute the music, watch the scene, and imagine him saying something along the lines of "We have to get her back." It fits perfectly.
It sort of looks like to me that he might be thinking about activating the Halos. To stop the Flood. But that doesn't seem like something he would do. At all. But, IDK, that's just me.
Ok, I never said anything about the MC dieing. I was trying to imply, what if Earth were destroyed? Then, the Chief would've failed his mission. So, failed mission+game ending=Sadness. Sorry, I guess I should've cleared that one up. Oh well.

As for the Chief fighting along side other spartans, that's unlikely. Think about it, the books are based off the game, and games, unless based specifically off of books, typically don't take que's from books. Bungie could surprise us though. But think about it, the rest of the Spartans are pretty much 'lost' since the only KNOWN gateway to their location was destroyed with Onyx. So the chances of them showing up in the plot is unlikely. Take the First Strike novel for example. MC meats up with some surviving spartans and stalls the covenant advance on earth. Now, First Strike takes place just before Halo 2, yet no other Spartans are anywhere else in the game.

So, when you take the info you've got, the other Spartans were there to be used according to the novels, yet were nowhere to be found in the game. But I guess that doesn't mean there WON'T be any other Spartans in Halo 3, I just highly doubt it.
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