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  1. DatedRhyme713


    Hey everyone

    I don't know if anyone could help me out does anyone know if Halo or Halo 2 are still stable or working on windows 10
    I have a charity stream coming up mid way through next month and was looking to play them

    help is good

  2. Chernobyl


    I believe that they do - the servers may not be functioning, but the campaign should still be playable.
  3. peterthethinker


    Also you can vlan them together too!
  4. IshidaRyusei


    >.> I may or may not have a hacked version but I can honestly and actively say that the servers are active through my experiences with the crack. A different host picked them up after the original hosts jumped ship. It's what I was using to play pre-Xbone. Don't have windows 10 but it runs smoothly on windows 7.
  5. TnG R1ckx

    TnG R1ckx

    Halo 2 (vista) has had it's servers been promised to be closed a couple of times now. But they kept prolonging it. I don't know if it's still the case. I do recall playing halo CE/1 on my laptop when I was younger, and still having servers in the browser. Who knows, it's worth the shot ;)

    Halo 1 and 2 both run fine on windows 10, without any compatibility problems as far as I'm aware.
  6. DatedRhyme713


    Anyone know where i can get a copy of the games i don't mind paying I'm not promoting piracy neither am i promoting it but I want a copy so where can i get it ?
  7. peterthethinker


    FRYS has like a dozen copys of CE and 2 Here in portland . Check there online site
  8. DatedRhyme713


    Im in England XD
  9. lordhood32


    Amazon...Ebay... to buy discs
  10. IshidaRyusei


    I'd very much like to buy some official copies myself tbh althoug I barely touched PC since getting my Xbone
  11. lordhood32


  12. peterthethinker


    be fore warned . i bought H2 A afew days ago and its not likeing W7.. Wont install . on a clean installed OS.
  13. IshidaRyusei


    Thanks for the heads up... I'll have to see if there's a way around that.
  14. Cpl Shepard

    Cpl Shepard

    I logged in and played H2 Vista back in October, and it was still functioning with sparse multiplayer and achievements. On Win 7 with SP2, don't think Win 10 has a good track record with functionality.
  15. Camjay


    Halo CE works on my PC, I'm running windows 10.
  16. Firecureve

    Firecureve New Member

    gotta try it out!
  17. spartan 121

    spartan 121 New Member

    actually a bungie dev made us a new patch for halo ce that took the game away from gamespy servers and runs on a cloud service to generate serverlists. once you have halo pc installed you can install a seperate version of the game called halo custom edition which then can be patched to version 1.10. i believe that he also made a patch for pc as well, but custom edition has a larger playerbase multiplayer wise. google search for halo ce 1.10 patch and halo custom edition to find the installers for them. they should be hosted on halomaps.org. halo ce also has the advantage of having player created content, so a very large amount of custom maps are avaliable to play.
  18. peterthethinker


    Sweet! I should look in to this !
  19. spartan 121

    spartan 121 New Member

    Another thing worth mentioning is along with custom edition (which was actually ported by gearbox software) there is a mod toolset called the halo editing kit. This allows us to compile new cache files for the game this allowing us to create new levels, weapons, characters, vehicles, effects, etc. You should be able to find lots of fresh and new content ranging from singleplayer maps to firefight to multiplayer maps and even a rather hacky but kinda working forge map.(not released and requires server scripts) if you want to get an example of the atuff the community comes up with id suggest looking up halo ce3 on youtube.
  20. bestellen

    bestellen New Member

    Halo 1 and 2 both run fine on windows 10, without any compatibility problems as far as I'm aware.
  21. Jason 078

    Jason 078

    And here I am wishing Microsoft would make the entire series accessible on the computer...
  22. foxleader


    hey pc player do you guys know where I can find an over view of the level outskirts I've look in Google and can't find anything that will work I may have to run the game to do what I want to do but I'd like to know if there's a pic of the level before I start that old system back up again.
  23. Xs SHAD0W sX

    Xs SHAD0W sX New Member

    For anyone that Actually wants to reinstall and play halo PC Combat evolved / Custom edition you will need the following.

    1. Halo 1 Pc installation media available all over the net
    2. CD KEY " obtained legally or by keygen if you never had a legal copy (the original is no longer purchasable)"
    3. Run the games installation and boot the game at-least once
    4. Download Halo Custom Edition HERE >> Halo Custom Edition Halo Custom Edition Game: Halo Custom Ed
    5. Run the HCE installation and boot the game atleast once
    6. To get chat functionality you will need to run the included or download MSXML 4.0 SP2 parser and SDK setup Wizard.
    7. Since you will be installing the original 1.0 versions of both games and do not have update server definitions from Bungie via 1.0.05 You will need to manually download and execute the 1.0.10 for both HCE and HCustom Halo PC/CE 1.0.10 now available > All Topics | Forums | Bungie.net <----- HERE.
    8. To execute these patches place them in both versions root directories at

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition

    respectively and run them with a double click.

    Both of these patches will update via command line and UAC will prompt you for permission to run them.

    After that Enjoy. :) Every singe new computer i have ever upgraded to has always had PC/CE on it within the day. I have tested and used these steps across 4 machines and not once has it failed to work
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