Halo Game Nights Hosted by ObiJ3ff


Wednesday/Friday Night games of Halo with your host ObiJ3ff.

Date: April 24th, 2019
Time: 8:30pm Eastern
Game: Halo 5: Guardians, Halo: MCC, Halo: Reach Big Team Battle.
GT: ObiJ3ff | Add me on either system.

" To access the Xbox 360 Dashboard on Halo: Reach from the Xbox One, you will need to press Two buttons, the Double Square button & Equal sign button at the same time. "
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How did you play halo reach on the MCC?
You cant G. Halo reach is back compat. on Xbox one, with a seperate disc. Cant wait for online on PC. Also i love your mark 6 build, i have a 3d printed one i am almost finished with, game ripped files from a bungie member.