Props Halo Guardians Magnum: Designation/unknown.


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I've always been a fan of Halo handguns(cannons?) So of course I was at first disgusted and then enamored by the new pistola! I made this from just screenshots on the internet. and stills form early gameplay. Now that i have the MP Beta, I thought I'd be able to eyeball this baby a bit more, but I don't live long enough to get any new information. Might have to wait for FORGE.

The opposing team just won't leave me alone...when I'm standing there....on the battle field, looking all 'AFK' and such. So needless to say this is a work WAYYYY in prOgress. MANY small contours and details are missing to make this complete. But for now, gaze upon "Maggie" all her pink goodness.




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I'm also loving the new Magnum. If you need to get some screenshots from the beta, I found a good trick. Spectate the game of someone on your friends list, and just wait for them to toss their magnum away. You can pause it and use the free view camera to get all the reference shots you need. I recorded a few videos of me spinning around the magnum. Haven't gotten around to taking snapshots yet, if I do soon, I'll post them up here.

Also, how do you plan to finish the foam?


I have been doing the same thing! I also found that the sniper shows this sticker "THIS RIFLE WAS DESIGNED TO SHOOT YOU IN THE FACE FROM __ YARDS"...I thought it was pretty funny :D


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The opposing team just won't leave me alone...when I'm standing there....on the battle field, looking all 'AFK' and such.
I shot an AFK the other day. Maybe that was you!? Helped raise my KDR up to 0.3. I do suck at Halo, but I love it so . . . .

Great start on the Magnum project. I really hated on (and still do) most of the H4 weapons, but I've really liked the weapons in the H2 remaster and what I've seen of H5 so far.


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Nice progress! My answer to capturing research material in-game is to use the new Upload DVR feature to record it. Double-tap the Xbox button and then tap X -- video saved! Then I can get back to playing and later I can review video, save screenshots, etc..


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Thank you for the kind words friends. Facebook is hit or miss when it comes to constructive criticism, so I forgot how much love we give each other on the 405th. It's...NICE! :)
Good News everybody!: I finally figured out how to GameDvr without getting stuck on the dashboard, so I was able to get some video of the Maggie in action. But the real treasure trove came from HalFanForLife's website. He managed to get a butt-load of hi-def gameplay screenies from all angles. I am set when it comes to reference pics. Thank you for all the good suggestions! I might still try the spectator trick, just becuz... :p
However... th_SAM_0701_zps3089e52d.jpg
Bad News everybody!: In light of the new information I' ve gotten in the form of many , much clearer reference pictures, my humble project isn't as accurate as i thought it was. So I think I'm gonna scrap this one and start over.
CrazyIvanVI- I'm going to cover it in acrylic paint. I don't really try and harden any of the foam anymore unless it's a delicate piece. Redshirt-Yeah! That H2 Ce magnum looks great. Think it will be the next thing I tackle.

I'll keep everyone posted. Again thank you all!



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This is my first attempt at using GameDVR. It was very touch and go for a while, luckily I didn't get completely "PWNED" by some "LEET" dude. :)

This is dedicated to all the S-II's like myself, where every match is a struggle to keep up with all the cocky young guns.

I'm not the best, but when I'm good...I'm great. It was a good enough PERSONAL best, that I think it was worth being set to music. Hope you agree.
p.s. I suspect that Frankalicious22 is Frank O'Connor.
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This is almost a necro post, but I finally got my magnum 'Maggie' as I like to call her, up to a point where I think pictures are in order. I made revisions to the dimensional attributes of this particular UNSC asset, and I think she is now screen accurate. So I'd like to share my progress with you. Warning: This is as pic heavy a Jorge's Tactical Ruck.

SAM_1194_zpshjxjtnrw.jpg SAM_1030_zpshmvamygn.jpg
Old and busted SAM_0688_zpse2jzyxt9.jpg
spit and bubblegum SAM_0664_zpsqr7cx9uk.jpg
So SO ghetto SAM_0571_zpsppid4xvo.jpg
The end...the beginning SAM_1340_zps5p1csyiv.jpg
Fails? SAM_1338_zpsfpvmv94j.jpg

and that's about All I can tell you about Maggie. Feel free to scroll through my Photobucket. Comment and if you share please give me credit. But otherwise my resources are your. We grow as a community when we work together. Hope you enjoy the pics and feel free to ask questions about what I've done here. I'll post again when I get a painted version.
And in conclusion, I say unto you...


P.s. I am putting this exclusively on the 405th site, and linked to the FaceBook page as I feel that although FB is a good place for eye-candy, it is insufficient for in depth Q and A of techniques and materials.
p.p.s. I may, in the future make Maggie as a solid casting, as I think I may have bitten off more than I could chew with an albeit non-functional, kit...but for now none of these are available for sale. I'm sorry.



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A couple of videos I edited together wif music
Locke, stock and a smoking battle rifle barrel.

d/Fear John letter.

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Sorry Jacgren, I'm not really interested on selling my items. Maybe in the future.