Halo Infinite: ISR Helmet - 3D Print Build

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Kicking off the New Year with ISR Helmet from Halo Infinite! As a bonus it also includes a version with cat eats!

So far this is my favorite helmet in infinite and I just had to include the Cate ears too!

Finished printing the helmet, next is the filler and sanding. I'm getting a bonus from my new job this week so I'm finally going to build a vacuum form table and make the custom visor. There are a few methods I want to try. I've seen some good visors using thin coats of mirror paint and other using hydrochrome. If anyone has other suggestions on how to make a two way visor, please let me know.


finished making my junkyard vacuum former. made out of scrap wood I got for other peoples trash. I've never used power tools before so it's not pretty but it should get the job done. I just need to wait for the PETG sheets to come in on Wednesday to test it. Hopefully i can start making custom visors among other things.

the total area if about 14" by 14" and used a clear seal to make it air tight on the inside. I used peg board for the top and drilled extra holes in it. the heat box is about 20" tall, since my heater auto shut off when the ambient temperature reaches a certain point I left open spaces on the sides to allow cool air to flow at the bottom. With the PETG covering the top it will still reach an ideal temperature without the heater kicking off. I'm also going to line the inside with aluminum foil. The frame is simple enough, I have 3 inch metal clamps I'll be using instead of the ones you see. the heat box is a little smaller than the frame but I didn't have large enough pieces of wood let over so I had to make it smaller


If you haven't yet sealed up the platten, cut up some junk styrofoam or XPS and fill as much of the void space as possible so that you have less air volume to extract from the box. Just make sure that everything is glued down inside and you have a pathway for air to flow to all points on the pegboard. Less air to move makes for quicker and stronger pulls which helps when the clock is ticking on rapidly cooling plastic.
so I finally got the PETG in and tested the table. I was able to get some pulls. while i was able to get the overall shape of the visor i couldn't get the the plastic pull down into the groove and it kept folding. I figure the vacuum isn't able to suck the air out fast enough and after a few tries i stopped get a seal so there is a gap somewhere letting air into the box. I'm taking TurboCharizard advice and reopened the box and filled it with foam, I also doubled the width of the eva foam I put on top. I'm also going to put more sealant on the outside of the box as well.

I think I'm also going to extend out the edges of the Visor buck as well as I feel it may be to small for the size of my table. I'm also thinking that I should exaggerate the groove as well, the plastic may just be too thick to pull into it as is

I do have question though, should I turn the vacuum on before or after I put the plastic down? I've heard varying opinions on this.



I do have question though, should I turn the vacuum on before or after I put the plastic down? I've heard varying opinions on this.
From what i've seen others do they start it up as soon as they put the heated plastic on. Most have over the top heating. Heat it untill it sags a bit. Then start the vacumm former and pull the plastic over the buck.

Adam Savage has some videos on that matter.
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