Halo Infinite Master Chief GEN III Mjolnir Armor


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Hello Spartans
This is my first armor and i hope you guys can get some technics out of this thread, cheers!

So the first step for me is gettin the measurements right so the armorsmith program got my back, im 6´1 and hopely get some extra inches when the boots are done.

I got the files from Heroes Workshop and i asume that he got the model out of the fornite Chief, the files are so amazing and accure in my opinion and analysis.

The armor will be made of EVA foam and the helmet will be 3d printed out of my good old Ender3, and for the infinite visor i got it form BranfuhrStudios in etsy.

So far so good guys.


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Hello guys, i got some updates in the torso and cod piece. Also got my helmet printed and looks so beautiful togetter.

A few recommendations for you guys are that when you stick the pieces togetter first with a brush krazy glue pass a thin layer, then stick them togetter and then get some hotglue to secure the pieces, and for references i would recomment you guys to get figures of the armor, in this case i got the jazware's master chief.


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Manz just went from start to finish in like 3 months... I can't comprehend the speed at which you work but the scaling and the work just looks immaculate.

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