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Halo Infinite MJOLNIR Mark VII

Halo Infinite MJOLNIR Mark VII 1.1

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FANGS submitted a new resource:

Halo Infinite MJOLNIR Mark VII - Mark VII Armor from Halo Infinite

This is a comprehensive zip file including numerous files from multiple artists.

Contents of the zip file:

  • Halo-Infinite-MK7-Bicep-Details-Foam-Unfold.pdo
    • Model by TurboCharizard Foam Unfold by ODCA
  • Halo-Infinite-MK7-Bicep-Foam-Unfold.pdo
    • Model by TurboCharizard Foam Unfold by ODCA
  • Halo-Infinite-MK7-Boot-Foam-Unfold.pdo
    • Model by TurboCharizard Foam Unfold by ODCA

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I want to say a HUGE thank you to all of those involved in getting these foam files done for you. They all literally busted their butts to make sure that people would have them as early as possible to build for the release of the game. I am forever indebted to TurboCharizard MoeSizzlac Purplehazey Rock Lobbster The Makyr Oddworks and PlanetAlexander for the modeling they did and to ODCA for unfolding each one. Also, huge thanks to those that worked with these members to support the creation of these pieces for all of you - Angus314 and MrJamin You ALL are exactly what this community is about. THANK YOU.
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These look dope and everyone who got involved in making this should be very proud. One question, however.

I have a friend called Kelcken, who produces a mod called the Mark V(B) Armory, which imports MJOLNIR armour and permutations from Halo: Reach into Fallout 4. We're investigating expanding this to include Infinite content, and were wondering if we have permission to implement this set into mod?

Kelcken already does not monetize the mod under any circumstances, to fulfil the criteria of using existing Reach assets as set out in the Game Content Usage Rules, but we just want to make sure before undertaking the process of texturing and implementing your work. We're also quite happy to accommodate your names into the credits for the mod if so desired.
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There have been tons of videos posted on YouTube. I think you might be fine.
I had no idea - I avoid internet coverage of things since 90% of it is usually negative! So cool, here are some photos (ropey TV photos, sorry). I love the additions like chestplates, helmet equipment, prosthetics etc. This is going to be a cosplay builder's dream. Also, so much of the styling looks to be easier to build now, and even one of the arm prosthetics looks like it will make a good build without impossibly thin joints. Hope these at least give people something to chew on in their imaginations for now.

Some of the armour coatings (basics, including red and blue are available!). Note the pale blue undersuit for Bleached Bone:





Some helmets:













Hey everyone! New member here asking an odd question. I'm a professional PC Modder and have been tasked to build a PC. The theme I chose is to mimic the Mark VII uniform but in Griffin's colorway. Has there been any information on this? I see toys that seem to show a purpleish and silver tones. I would greatly appreciate the assistance. If this information cannot be released yet, I understand! BTW Great set of files to create a cosplay setup. Was just at Megacon in Orlando and wished I had made this! Thanks everyone!!

Hi, I'm a new member literally just made the account for the sole purpose of actually committing myself to make myself a HALO suit! I have tried previous times but always end up giving up on it and trashing the project but now I really want to make me one with all the hype that is going on! So bear with me and my IGNORANT QUESTIONS!
I'm new and I wanted to know if there's a way I can download the files or are these just reference pictures?
Go here:

And click the orange "Download" button on the upper right side of your screen, while logged it your account, to download the Zip file containing all the currently available MK VII files we have for distribution.
Go here:

And click the orange "Download" button on the upper right side of your screen, while logged it your account, to download the Zip file containing all the currently available MK VII files we have for distribution.
These files are meant for foam, but if you know how to properly manipulate them, you could use others materials.

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