Halo Infinite Spartan IV (Road to Infinite) WIP


I have been planning to make a full suit of MK7 for Halo Infinite but after watching E3 and the multiplayer overview. I have got an idea to mix and match my armor pieces with Gen 3 MK7, Gen 3 MK6, and Halo Reach MKV(B) armor type but when more Halo Infinite armor pieces become more available I will convert them piece to the halo infinite art style if they change must. I also may a list of the armor piece that I will be using (here is the pic of the list)

Currently printing the Keystone helmet or MK7 helmet.

PS. Because of work I will be making Bi-Weekly Update so it give my 3d printer time to print the armor pieces. My Date to Finished this Suit of Armor is before Halo Infinite Release Dated.

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