Halo Knomes [New pictures on pag 5]

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falcon NL

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Thank to this post about the bronce statue:

Sigma-LS said:
Not a bad idea I would have the inscription read "Man, Soldier, Spartan" :death:

This would totally pwn my neighbor's lawn knomes. :dee:

How hard can it be to make Halo knomes? I mean if i would see some Halo knomes on ebay i would really like to have them... So i decided to leave the fuse core alone an get working on this idea.
I found the perfect refs:


Im working on al lot off halo stuff but i think this perhaps be the thing that works really well.

Im now working on some size drawings. I dont really know yet how to make them but thats a matter of time..
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I would so buy one! I would be weary of people stealing it though! I bet Sean could build lots of them! A lawn war of gnomes!
I bet Sean could build lots of them! A lawn war of gnomes!

Yeah, I've done that cast concrete thing before. You can make your mold out of latex too which is cheaper than most mold rubber.

Frankly I have some other things in mind as for making some halo statues. I got it in my mind that I want to make some resin statues/model kits of the Chief in action. I wouldn't be able to start anything for a long while though til I get some current and impending projects finished.
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heh, I was like... what's a knomes..

Gnomes, now it makes sense.
Funny, because I'll build it if someone buys it. ;-)

But since it's not really my idea, I don't think thats my decision to make.

Falcon if you need any help, or technical questions I'd be glad to be of assistance.
Can one of the moderators change the topic titel? I expect on a englische website good gramma from you guys :mrgreen:

The first Halo Gnome would be ofcource the masterchief himself, at the moment im drawing him at this pose:

The hight of the Gnome's will be around 50 cm (19 inch). I'm not really familiar with concrete. At the moment im thinking off a shell casting with just a normal 2 harder componend
With concrete you really should just cast the object solid. The material is cheap enough that saving a little bit on your casting doesn't really benefit you very much financially. There are different types of concrete for different purposes. For casting something in a mold, you would want something fine, that doesn't have the rough stones in it, like Portland Cement.
hmmm... kuh-nomes :eek , I really should watch what I write after two straight all-nighters

I like the Halo baby idea

And at request:

And yes...i am a compulsive doodler :mrgreen:

Im thinking at the moment off a RTV Silicon mold (thx Sean). Im want to work with a two-component Polymer for the real cast...

There are some other design with the gnome chief in my head..just need to figure out what the looks good and is relatively easy to produce....
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