Props Halo: Landfall Unsc-Issue Laser Designator

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So, I downloaded a few vids yesterday, namely the live-action vids for "Landfall" and "We Are ODST". Can't get enough of those live-action sequences :lol lol

Anyway, while I was watching the "Landfall" vid, I took notice of the targeting laser the wounded ODST used to "paint" and track Sierra-117's incoming trajectory/LZ near the end of the vid.

I found it pretty kewl to see that the targeting laser was largely based on the HALO 3 SR, albeit with a few obvious design changes. Would make for an easy alteration to an existing SR, I think.

Since I'm still in the process of obtaining enough reference material to draft the HALO 2 SR, and am still working on Psycurve's HAZE weapons, I decided this would be a fairly simple and quick personal project to do on the side.

I've already copied the bottom/rear portion of my HALO 3 SR schematic, and have started figuring out the size, proportions and details of the laser assembly in place of the forward receiver and bolt. I have the side profile view mostly done, along with the details for the front of the laser.

Oh, and I even managed to find a hard plastic rifle case on eBay that looks similar to the one used, so that would nicely complete it. Just slap on the UNSC lettering on the side, and I'd have all that's shown in the vid.

Don't have any pics to post yet, but it would make for a rather unique build, imho :D
Does the Targeting Laser really need a chrging bolt?

I thought it wass just a "Point and click" type of thing?

Nope, it doesn't. From what I could see in the vid, the area where the bolt typically goes was removed and replaced with the laser assembly. So, that would be one less detail needed in the build. It just has the same main body as the SR.
Yes... just as I said above :plol

Anyway, I hope to have a pic or two to post soon showing my revised HALO 3 SR schematics to represent the targeting laser.
heres what i came up with


and here is my Build Thread... more has been done to it, but i think im going to scrap it and rebuild it.

good luck with your Schematics on this, maybe i will use them when i go to redo this.
Oh, kewl! I didn't realize anyone else had actually thought of doing this one. What work you managed to do on your first attempt looks good, buddy :)

The schematic you came up with doesn't look all that different from mine. Just a few finer details have been added (you know me and being OCD when it comes to accuracy and detail, lol).

And thanks. I hope to have something to show everyone very soon :cool
Oh, kewl! I didn't realize anyone else had actually thought of doing this one...

I've got a basic 3D model that I've been working on as I have time, an old photo of it is at the bottom of the third post here ;)

I've got a few references here too if you want them, captured from the HD (720p I think) Landfall video.
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Thanks for those pics, dude! I was going off the non-HD vid I'd downloaded to get the details, and so missed some of the finer details shown in the HD screencaps you posted, lol. They'll definately help me in drafting an accurate set of schematics for this unique piece (almost done with the side profile view). Thanks again ;)
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