Props Halo MA-5B (CB-88 Chrono Blaster) Circuit Board/Mosfet Failure


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Ok, finally got a Chrono Blaster but had the ever common circuit board crit-fail; started firing non-stop auto and before I got the battery out the, mosfet unsoldered itself. After reading all the forums and watching Redshirt’s video, I ended up trying to repair it with an upgraded IRFZ48N mosfet and heatsink I bought on eBay (i.e. from China), but encountered another crit-fail... my skill at soldering, or rather lack thereof.

Any suggestions on what else to check in case it is not my solder job but something else that is wrong? In the event I did do enough damage where the board is beyond repair, any suggestions on an upgrade or replacement to get it firing again (it still turns on with the lights and ammo counter working properly, or at least showing 0 with no mag and 95 with mag)? If pictures will help the community trouble shoot this with me, I can provide them at the expense of my pride and with great shame. But I would walk naked from the Great Sept to the Red Keep (shame, Shame, SHAME) if it will get my MA-5B back to mission-ready.

And it’s worth noting: I am a Halo fan first, a somewhat competent DIY fixer second, but more or less totally ignorant of Airsoft. So any suggestions on replacements parts, troubleshooting or what-have-you that falls under the Airsoft spectrum of this, work under the assumption I’m an idiot.

Thank you in advance for any help.

Oh, and as a proactive thank you (even though this is now a stupid-long posting), the following flashlight head is an exact fit to the tac-light on the MA-5B. It’s not mind-blowingly brighter, but for the cost, I bought 2 and am going to try swapping out a brighter LED bulb on this cheap flashlight rather than risk breaking the original stock one. After all, I might have to solder something. Can’t post a link but just search for “Protable Mini Q5 High Power Torch LED Tactical Flashlight AAA”
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