Halo Marine Fatigues

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I've always wanted to make a Halo 1 costume, and I've decided to make the Halo 1 marines' fatigues uniform. They're the guys running around in the level halo and in other levels.


Since I'm a novince at this I figued this would be a good place to start.


If you guys had any reccommendations on anything or tips or whatnot, please post away!
Thrift store or Goodwill is your best bet. I have found wonderful military style boots there and so many other treasures. You can just get a button up shirt and either some grey suit pants or sweatpants or something. Then go to a fabric store and get some grey that matches the pants and shirt and make all of the pockets. I'm guessing the boxy black things on the chest are pouches, but I can't tell for sure.

If you can't sew, I might be able to help you out. My girlfriend has a little clothing store and I've been trying to convince her to help with Halo costumes. I'm having her make me a crewman costume, the marine fatigues, and a spartan undersuit. Heh, the benefits of relationships. :love:
Oh wow, didn't know you were making one lol. Thanks for the help man. By the way, do you have any idea what those little pocket things around the chest are? I always thought they were magazine or ammo pouches to hold AR clips. Not sure though.
Hmm yes the damn blue things, they have plaqued my thought for a while now, so much that I am temted to email a bungie employee. But no as far as I can tell they are not pouches, they seem to be connected to the 'backpack' as you can see that the upper most one curves over the shoulders with a strap, I saw this in guilty spark on halo one, find the unarmed marine on the top of the level, that is the best way to view and compare with the costume, as all the other times you are not really able to get a good look at it, as you are fighting.

But anyway, they are most likely a part of the pack straps designed to keep it on the marine, as they seem to be solid objects not like a pouch.
If I get a reply from bungie when I email them I will relay it to you.
Saying that, what is frankies email?
What if those things are just how the armor is held on. Or they could be for medical use since those are supposed to be the medics. They could be a tool used to revive or something. Maybe we'll never know.
Thanks, I'd appreciate that. I dont think you can contact Frank as he's a busy man. But now that you mention it and that I look at it more in depth, I sort of think they're some kind of monitoring system for the pack pack part. I'm gonna do some drawings of the vest and outfit, I have a couple of theories.


I looked at the Mendez easter egg and took some pictures.




Anyone know what this says?







Wow dude, I thank you for this, I would have been looking myself but my piece of **** 360 red ringed on me.

And that thing on the knee I figure is to soften the knee slamming on the ground or to give comfort to the kneel firin position.

BTW you should put these in a gallery.
The top blue thing looks like it could be either a water bottle or walkie talkie of some sort. The walkie talkie would make sense, since they don't have helmets or anything, but why two and what are the littler ones?
Damien said:
SWAT grey? swat uses dark blue with black tactical gear -OR- black BDU's and black tac gear
SWAT teams use a VARIETY of colors. For example the LA Sheriff's Swat Team uses OD Flightsuits and Black gear. It's all the department. Some use gray/grey, too.
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Alrighty fellas. Just did some drawing sketches for the layout of the vest, but I still don't know how to make the blue things on the vest, or what to make them out of.


Crap, I forgot to draw in the one bottom pocket on the one side of the vest.
Nice real nice, and no the marines in these uniforms are not medics, and After examining the in game shots some more I have realized that the 'backpack' is a part of the vest itself, have you guys thought that too?
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