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    This thread is to start a list of those who own Master Chief Armor that is still in use and may be available to be called upon should the need arise for a public promotion where Chief is specifically asked for.

    Please list whether your armor is bought or made (list who made it if applicable):

    Your name and Forum Name:

    Which Mark Designation or Game/Film your Master Chief represents in the Halo timeline:

    Whether you are deployed with a DIN:

    What Regiment you are in or geographical area:
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    I have built a Halo 3 Master Chief set entirely from sculpted cardboard (except for the helmet which is based upon the Halo 3 Legendary Edition game case).
    /Wir--a Review Of An Unplanned Spartan Build

    I am Marc Cherry and am Redshirt on the forums

    It is Mk VI armor from Halo 3

    I need to submit for a DIN and my set predates all of this criteria

    I'm registered with the 405th Southern Regiment as part of Fireteam Poseidon out of the Pensacola, FL area.




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    Halo 3 Master Chief (somewhat variant because of the left arm with cell phone holder) - 3D printed - North New Jersey area.

    052.jpg 15.jpg 20150726_224719.jpg
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    I'm in the process of completing a halo 3 chief build now. I estimate only 2 months left to go before total complettion. Going for best game accuracy.

    2018-12-30 19.55.08.jpg Screenshot_2018-12-22-21-12-11.png IMG-20181222-WA0012.jpg
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    Hello I have a full fiberglass build of Master Chief Mk VI from Halo 3 with major blast damage to it.

    My name is BadKitty in the forums.

    I am working my way into joining the Pacific Regiment, I reside in Far Northern California.

    Currently undergoing updates for a more realistic look with LED kits and new weapons load-outs.
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