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So I'm retyping this a second time, thanks to making tags, and it taking me to a whole new freaking page. So it's probably not going to be as awesome, long and detailed as I had just typed it out before.
I hope to have my Master Chief build done in time to wear to Phoenix Comicon 2016. As I make this, I mark every single piece of foam I cut out, as well as where more detail needs to go. This has cut down my production time in half from my last spartan build. I'm not frantically wondering what piece I just cut out goes where.


I plan to make this build super detailed, so I'll be using the statue of Master Chief from the Halo 5 Collectors Edition!

The most annoying longest part was the center decorative piece in the center of Chiefs torso. But I'm pretty happy and proud of how well it came out. Added a little bit more extra detail to this, or at least as much as I could. Have you ever looked at it on the statue? It hurts my brain!! lol

21616_10203880638574967_3821773102505581359_n.jpg 535220_10203880638654969_729624878832694976_n.jpg 12472684_10203880646255159_9136464284228561765_n.jpg

Adding it though really made that obnoxious piece worth it. It really brings the torso together, literally and figuratively speaking.


I'm not the best cutter when it comes to foam crafting, so I'm definitely going to heat seal it before adding any type of sealant to it. I really want to try a new method when it comes to sealing this armor. Vs the standard mod podge, then plasti dip. But we'll see how time goes. for this build.

I finished the front and the back, just need to add the pods, and cut down a little bit of the side pieces so it fits me much better.


I'll add the pods later, but for now, I'm going to work on the helmet, since the torso and the helmet, in my opinion, is the longest most hardest part of building a halo suit.

I shall post a blog soon about my progress with the helmet, which instead of foam this time will be 3D printed, and resined.






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