Halo Master Chief Xbox One Controller

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This is kind of an odd request/question:

I want to give my Xbox One console a face lift. I want to paint it with a similar color scheme like the Halo Master Chief controller.

I have attached to controller for reference. I have found the green color, that was the easy part... But... I can't find any information about the "metallic orange" that is used on the "d-pad" and the triggers on the controller.

Does anyone have any tips about how to mix paint to get a similar color effect?

I want to accent the disc tray and the fan grate on the console with this orange, and the rest of the console with the green(and add textures/decals to give it a UNSC theme)

Overall goal: Match the console paint job to "fit" with my controller and Astro A50 headset.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!


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Unless you have an airbrush - don't mix paints and paint with brush. Sponge, if you want texture.

I hope you're aware you have to disassemble to controller and console to actually paint it...

Also, about the MC controller - the D pad is actually Chrome-Copper and triggers are Metallic-Copper.
You could recreate it simply with gold, though.
Controller itself is Metallic-Olive with parts of darker olive.


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From experience painting my Xbox and Xbox controllers when I was much younger: like the commander said, you do need to take the pieces apart to paint them properly. They need to be able to dry without touching anything. Also you will need to seal them really well otherwise your sweaty fingers while playing are going to rub the paint away and make a big mess. Good luck and have fun!


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Most of the common spray paint brands do a kind of metallic copper colour. If you have no luck there, try an auto supply shop as the car touch up spray cans are usually in a wide range of colours, and usually metallic.

Just make sure you take your xbox apart before you try spraying anything :p haha
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