Halo Movie Cancelled?

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Money issues. M$ is too greedy for it's own good.

... *Reads the article*

Microsoft really needs to think about what they're doing. If they keep trying to get every penny for themselves then this movie will never come out!
Josh Olson, who was nominated for an Academy Award last year for his acclaimed graphic novel adaptation A History of Violence, has been officially signed to write the screenplay for the Peter Jackson-produced adaptation of Bungie's Halo. Although there has been no announcement yet, Josh broke the news during recent speeches in Philadelphia and Michigan, and has confirmed it personally. HoV was not an especially faithful adaptation of its source material, but many considered it superior, so this could be good or bad depending on how much of a purist you are. Josh is a big Xbox fan, though, so the story should be in good hands.

On the bad news front, Fox and Universal have pulled out of their deal with Jackson's production company, citing concerns over the swelling $200 million budget, and director Neill Blomkamp's inexperience. Production will continue even in the absence of a distribution deal however, and the involved parties remain confident in the project's viability.

i wish universal would have stay in it..i could have sold my suits to them if they ever do a halo show at the studios that i work at
Heh.. we got offerred that gig already. Universal studios already contacted us to do a bunch for the parks. nothing firm though.. It's just as well, considering that Universal's out.

They hit us up for Colonial Marines too. I think it was for the Aliens Vs. Predator movie, and then of course.. there were no marines, so that was a no-go too.
the studio just wanted more of a cut at the last minute, and microsoft said "no we already had a deal"

studio gives microsoft the finger.
Screw this

If they really cancel the movie I wil seriously be pissed at them I mean there gonna make MC hit the big screens and they just canel it? Over my dead body! :evil:
im with John-117 i will drop a guy dead if the cancel the movie. i mean they said the movie would come raising halo fans spirit around the world. i personally think that would affect the halo franchise. im just saying,
good find sean. i hope he dosent lose his steam about the movie. also would any1 not watch the movie if it was like the halo cutscenes ? i would.
If they cancel the halo movie im going to be sooooooooooo pissed. :evil:
I really wanna see it. I could just imagine the picture advertisement at the movies for it, it could be like just a black backround with the ring just floating there. and then it says HALO across it. Keeping my fingers crossed for the movie. :hyper:
they didnt cancel, i have a friend who has an uncle at bungie, who got him hookups to play h2 beta, h3 beta and whole bunch of other crap, but im 99% positive thAT they still doing the movie, they told him samual l jackson is in it please standby ill post more on it later
It isn't canceled, but postponed. Due to the production studio switchup, they are in the process of deliberating their funds again now with Warner Bros.
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