Halo: Mythic - Project Phoenix (Visual Assets)

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Do you like Halo? Do you like D&D? Do you wish that Halo and D&D could merge into a tabletop RPG? Me too... fortunately some folks from across the internet have made that very thing possible! You may have even seen it during our lovely 405th Extra Life stream. It's HALO MYTHIC!

If any of you are like me... you've made some neat friends through the 405th... but those friends aren't always local... meaning playing something like a tabletop RPG tends to be... well... not on a tabletop and more across the internet using tools like Roll 20. I'm sure some of you even dabble in map and dungeon making using programs like DungenDraft and WonderDraft.

So I noticed this weird problem... if you want to play Halo Mythic online, top down assets for Halo aren't exactly an easily available thing! Very few are available at all... the ones that are come in all shapes and sizes and visual orientation... with no matching art direction. Enter "Project Phoenix".

I, Papa ZiggyGrimm, King of the Canada Goose, lord of all things Maple Syrup, doodler of the things, have a plan! * Audible gasps from the crowd *

Yes! A plan! I am making a bunch of top-down assets in the Halo theme for this exact purpose. I've decided to make them pixel art... because who doesn't love the charm of a throwback to a video game that didn't exist in that time! I'm making them all by hand... one by one... no art team or magical AI tech. So the release of them will likely be slow and over time...

But like I said, I've got a plan! I'm going to start with the basics... from the OG, Halo CE. I'm starting with basic vehicle packs, then moving to characters, then weapons, then floors and walls, then some decor.

I'll be uploading overview images to show it all off here!

Now... you may be saying "Wow Ziggy... you're giving up a TON of your time and expertise... that has to come at a cost... right?". Well... not for now. I'm planning on releasing all of the base units for free on here. But just like how some folks make and sell their own props I might eventually explore selling custom characters or additional units way down the line... if there is any call for it. But for now... FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

I do ask that anyone who wants the proper PNG asset files to send me a message through the forums or via e-mail (ziggygrimm405th@gmail.com). Yes... I made an e-mail just for this, who are you, the e-mail police <3

Here is just the first of many assets that will be available...


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