halo nerf guns skematics

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Good luck is right.

I am pretty sure Nerf guns are all air powered.

If they are spring powered then it dosnt look like you will have enough room in any of those for a powerful enough spring.

You might be better off just taking apart an existing NERF gun and making a new housing for it.
OMG i am really good at modding nerf guns so ill help you out here.

Before you do anything to any gun change the air restictor. It should make it go farther.

If you wana paint it take the gun you have and take it apart paint it by sides.

paint the parts inside too if you want a good look on the gun.

Change the barrel by all the guns in the power point it looked like they have messed up barrels.

for more help go to

www.nerfhaven.com <--- Go to there forums.
the new nerf guns have a 1/4 in diameter spring thats about a inch and a half long, the hard part gona be puting the spring in (not really hard though) (not counting carving the weapon though) ;)
Use "Stephans" darts.

What you do is take a length of Caulk Saver/Foam Backing Rod (A foamed polymer), cut it into about 1.5-3 inch lengths, toss it into the drier inside a pillow case for 45 seconds or so, pull 'em out and trim 'em up. Then you take a hot glue gun, melt a cavity in one of the faces, put a little glue in, add a BB or small fishing weight, then cap it to the edge of the hole w/ glue. Once it sets you have a home made Nerf Dart.

NOTE: This is a much condensed tutorial. Nerf Haven (do a google search) will be more helpful.

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