HALO ODST Diorama - New Mombasa



I apologize in advance for my English.
I make a diorama Halo on this time, a diorama that takes place in the city of new mombasa.

I'll post pictures of progress with explanations of each step.

That is how my diorama born: paper and an idea

The ground


The building kit


Impact of a Covenant mortar fire

In the city here are palm trees, here is how to make palm trees
(Wire of paper, tape, string, plaster and paint)








for trunk : Flat Black => a thin layer with Flat Earth => some spots of Flat Brown => drybrush with Brown
for leaves : several thin layers of different green => layer very dilute with Flat Yellow => satin varnish

The suite will be for another time...


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Very, very nice! If you can maintain the creativity that you had with the palm trees and building damage, this is going to turn out amazing!


very cool. Post more pics as you can.

Someone needs to 3d model some towns so they can be sliced :) would be wicked to make some buildings


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hhaha yea it's a great idea to use your figures to make somthing really cool, i should do that too but i dont have enough time. good luck anyway it still looks cool


Thank you guys for your messages.

Now that the palms are over, I make another accessory diorama.
It's a small thing, quite simple: the human shield.

The model is first made of cardboard


Then it is hardened with resin and fiberglass.

And for the thickness, I put a layer of plaster.

It is not finished yet, I do not have anymore plaster I have to go to buy it


Hello guys

sorry for the delay, but this week I had a lot of homework so I have not had time to work on the diorama.
But today I have a little progress.

So here's the window of my building

Here the destruction of the glass

It remains to be painted and dirty window

I also made a small accessory to the city of New Mombasa : a bench

Ooh yeah dance with me !

Tomorrow there will be new photos


wow that glass looks amazing, i might steal that and use it for some other diorama. and the bench look prety nifty to.
bet you needed to do alot of "research" by playing on odst alot.


Thank you for your posts guys.
Yes indeed I play HALO ODST a lot, and I take pictures of my TV for screenshot.

So here are some pictures of the progress of the diorama.

The last time I did not finish the human shield, but this time it's good.

The shield is ready to paint

Now here is the casting of a Grunt

Soon other photos


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Great idea! I wanted to make one by myself but i have no time to progress with my suit at all so no time for diorama! I love it and can't wait for more pics!


Hi everyone !

it's been a while since I am no longer come on the forum, because it was a busy time in exams and homework (I'm a student).
I'll have to read a lot of things to catch up late.

The diorama has not progressed during that time, but I return to work. So there will be new photos fairly regularly.
I hope to go fast.

To start :

The molding of a Marine and a ODST with their accessories

A armourer, a phone booth in New Mombasa and the beginning of the ground.

There will be more pictures later this evening (but I do not think it will be night in USA).


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This is looking really great so far! From what I've seen so far, this diorama is going to look incredibly awesome! I especially like your attention to detail, like the little bits of glass on the phone booth and the bars on the defense shield.

Also, your cast figures look great. I've wanted to do that myself too, but not sure how and don't want to try it and ruin my figures! D: Really can't wait to see what this looks like when it's all done! :D


Thank you guys! I'm looking forward to see finished too.

Here are new photos :

An illuminated sign.

The illuminated sign. DELs are not suitable, I await the 360° DELs to better illuminate.

The inside sign is covered with aluminum to better distribute the light.

I cover the walls with PVC plates.

Engraving panels to create grooves.

The facades engraved.

The facades finished. I painted the broken part of the wall as the primer spray corrodes extruded polystyrene.

Other photos soon...