Halo ODST helmet build

The release of Halo Infinite is getting closer and I wanted to start the holiday season by making a gift for a friend. I'm making only a helmet for the gift.

Eva foam is being used for this project. The visor for the helmet will be a blue transparent folder divider. The files are from the Andrew DFT youtuber. A few years ago I did try to make a ODST helmet but then it sort of did not glue together.So far the build looks much better than my first attempt! The paint for the finished helmet will be either blue or black just like the in game odst colors.

Spartan Of Vale

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Good luck! ODST Armor has always looks so aesthetically pleasing to me, cant wait to see more pics on this. Feet First Into Hell Soldier!
Now all of the ODST helmet is complete! The paint is done and the visor got placed too. Sadly, the blue folder I used for the visor did not align with the glue on the inside of the helmet. Luckily I found a purple clear folder as a substitute and glued it in. It's mirrored one way automatically so it can hide the user's face. Surprisingly this ODST build turned out better than I thought it would be.
Well I gotta wrap this in a box now! I hope this will be a great gift!


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