Halo ODST SOCOM M6C Pistol


This thread is gonna be about making a blank firing ODST pistol the problem is the design since it seems more closely related with a Glock 17 or 19 and we can build more off that since there is a fully mechanical Glock 17 3D model.

The SOCOM M6C is a semi automatic pistol that holds a total of 12 rounds in one clip as said by Gunnery Sergeant Buck-"wisper quiet with armor peircing rounds"

The Pistol is gonna have many modifications and wont be entirely accurate but at least itll look and feel like a M6C and not a fixed peice. (Now dont get me wrong ive got a few resin casts of it and some foam props and they look amazing but dont work well in live short films i wanna work on)

Since this is gonna be a blank firing pistol it needs to withstand a great deal of pressure so 3d printed materials are gonna be at minimum if possible. So most of the gun is gonna be sourced from a Glock and it has to have a metal barrel otherwise itll be like holding a live grenade.


There seems to be a problem with 3d printed parts holding up to the force of a 9x19 or a 9mm bullet so im gonna take down the caliber to a .22lr round since they have a very low blast force