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Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by Ares, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. Ares

    Ares Well-Known Member

    Well I'm attempting it.

    Kit List:
    -Halo 1 Marine Armor =D
    -Gray Jumpsuit
    -Boots (I'm using Jump Boots, not just for Halo)


    The helmet NEEDS a HUD and a small com...

    QUESTIONS: Would cardstock work? I'm thinking of doing cardstock and fiberglass and resin.
  2. Panton6

    Panton6 Member

    i have no idea how to make that out of anything else other then cardboard.... but since u said all that... good luck with that. (y)
  3. The Alex

    The Alex Jr Member

    I'd imagine that cardstock would work. I see no reason why it wouldn't. If you can make an entire Spartan suit out of it, and from what i've read, portions of an Elite...It seems to me that making the Marine costume out of cardstock would be easy. Although if you wanted to make it more difficult you could always go the matte board or the molding way.
  4. Jubal

    Jubal Jr Member

    I have been thinking about doing a halo one armor marine also

    here are screen grabs from the halo: combat evolved PC demo

    relaxed marine

    alert marine part 1

    alert marine part 2. wanted to do as 1 pic, but had to cut it down for photobucket



    backpack, kidney belt armor, hip belt armor and belt buckle armor

    left thigh. I chose to only take pics of the left side so there would be no confusion on which one you are looking at.

    left forearm. same reason as above for left side

    shin armor and boots

    I would love to see some good halo 1 marine armor. The green helmet reticule was just so distinctive, easily identifyable as a halo marine vs other space marines.

    hope this pic dump is a help on your project
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  5. papamurf812

    papamurf812 Well-Known Member


    Like this?

  6. Ares

    Ares Well-Known Member


    BTW, EXCELLLENT ref pics.
  7. Jubal

    Jubal Jr Member

    I think rather than just gray, a closer match for the color might be 'foliage green'. The downside is that I cant find any jumpsuits or bdus in foliage green, so would need to get it sewn.

    for the green helmet reticule take a look at this for a place to start http://www.makezine.com/blog/archive/2006/...glass_love.html

    I dont know what the best plastic to use would be, or what a good source is... but there are lots of options...acrylic, lucite, plexiglass, etc. I think a green plastic would be best, then etch a design into it and edge light it with leds to get it to light up.

    for the mic you could get a functional walkie talkie or a mic that works with your cellphone.
    here is one that would work with my phone, but would need to mod it a bit.http://www.wirelessground.com/plm2ovhe.html

    I think the pep version of the halo one marine leaves some to be desired. I think bungie used good skinning of the marine model to make it look more complicated than its mesh shows.

    for mine I would rather stay true to the look, rather than the 3d model.

    I haven't worked with cardstock myself, but after looking at some of the galleries, I am always amazed at what people can pull off :)

    just throwing some ideas out there
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  8. Ares

    Ares Well-Known Member

    Interesting stuff. I'm going to stay with SWAT Gray/Grey.
  9. Jubal

    Jubal Jr Member

    has anybody pulled out the skin / texture of the green reticule?

    it just looks like jibberish, but I would like to see it all.

    I guess I could just take a ton of screen shots and attempt to assemble them together, I do have to alt-tab after each shot taken to paste it into photoshop tho

  10. Jubal

    Jubal Jr Member

    found some options for green plastic for the viewer



    $5 each for a 12"x12" acrylic sheets 1/8" thick. not sure if the green (2092) or fluorescent green (2154) would be best. Will need to see it edge lit to know for sure. I will probably just buy one of each and see which suits me best.

    I had a thought on constructing this armor, I have some friends who are active in SCA, or medieval reenactment fighting. There are some people in the SCA who use plastic armor for combat with rattan "swords". I am going to track some info down about their armor, see how adaptable this type of armor would be for our purposes here.

  11. Ares

    Ares Well-Known Member

    SCA doesn't use plastic armors...I was heavily interested in SCA and LH, they use metal.
  12. Jubal

    Jubal Jr Member

    Many SCA participants use metal, Many use hardened leather, and many of the starting, poorer people use plastic. There is a stigma with using plastic armor among some, due to its inauthenticity.

    I know there is some variation from kingdom to kingdom in SCA on the rules. In the areas I have lived the SCA kingdoms have considered plastic armor to be "sport" armor, allowing a combatant to fight for a longer period of time without becoming exhausted. I believe there are some SCA groups that require plastic armor to be disguised (covered in leather or cloth, painted, etc).


    I have heard of HDPE, ABS, and Kydex being used for SCA armor

    a friend of a friend, that I have yet to meet, is a crafter of plastic SCA armor. if I can get the right phone number for him, I might see what he thinks about working on some Halo one Marine armor. I need to work up patterns for him. Would be nice to have armor that I wasn't scared to sit down in, for fear of crushing it :)
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  13. Master Chef

    Master Chef Member

    For the plastic viewer, you don't have to light it unless you will be wearing it during the night. It will look "glowy" during the day if you use the light green. For the lettering, etch the plastic with an exato knife or dremel tip.
  14. Ares

    Ares Well-Known Member


    I'm thinking of making templates of them out of cardstock, strengthening with cardboard then fiberglassing.
  15. Jubal

    Jubal Jr Member

    so I have been trying to figure out the marines thigh armor area


    specifically the area behind the side armor plates, there is raised sections

    the halo 1 marine action figure makes this area look like the rest of the armor plates


    but as you can see from the in game screen shots, it looks like its made of fabric, but a bit dirtier.

    so if it is fabric are those funky pockets, or what? well I found a possible answer to that today


    these aren't a perfect match, but its the first I have seen something like this.
    $60 for a pair of shorts is more than I want to spend, but they have inspired me to make something like them.

  16. Ares

    Ares Well-Known Member

    If you look at the back of the Marine, you notice that there is a rubbery piece. I have something JUST like that.
    Uber cool.
  17. Jubal

    Jubal Jr Member

    what part do you mean?
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  18. Fragclone

    Fragclone Well-Known Member

    $60 cheap too :eek:
  19. Ares

    Ares Well-Known Member

    I've encountered a problem with the helmet-I suck hard at cardstock.

    So, What would YOU use to make it?

    I'm trying to find out what would work =/
  20. Jubal

    Jubal Jr Member

    are you building from scratch, or building on top of an existing helmet? like a skate helmet etc

    I went to my local secondhand store and found a skate helmet that should work out ok, spent $2 I think

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  21. Ares

    Ares Well-Known Member

    I'm starting off from scratch, I might check out the possibility of using a base.
  22. Jubal

    Jubal Jr Member

    ok so I have been spending some time trying to figure out the H1 armor marine neck.

    I originally thought that the black neck cover was a turtle neck shirt of some sort with a zipper/buckle in front, but then i realized that the Armored sargents who wear the cap don't have the black neck cover.


    this got me to thinking that the neck gaiter on the armored marine may be attached to the helmet, something like tsuyosa's MC helm neck seal

    the neck cover for the marine is obviously much simpler, and has a zipper or something on the front of the neck.

    anybody else put any thought into the marine neck?

  23. Ares

    Ares Well-Known Member

    I'm going to say a zippered turtleneck would work.
  24. cys920622

    cys920622 Member

    if you have that piece of plastic on your one eye for too long, it's gona feel a little weird when you first put it on, and when you take it off.
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  25. Jubal

    Jubal Jr Member

    the visual difference between the 2 will be there and if I start getting a headache I can take off the helm and put on a cap

    at least the green acrylic wont be a lens

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