Halo Outpost Discovery: Anaheim (Aug. 31st - Sept. 1st)


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343 Industries is bringing a touring Halo event around the US and our regiment will get the last stop in California! The 405th will be working closely with the event organizers at all locations

Since this is a multi regiment event it will be handled by Division. A new section on the site will be set up to provide all the information. We ask for your patience until that happens.

Hold off on making plans until we can coordinate as a group. But definitely tell everyone about it!
I will update this thread and link to any others as new information is provided.

Official Site: Halo Outpost Discovery
405th Subforum: Halo Outpost Discovery

Also... quick shoutout to Renraku HitboxWorkshop peterthethinker @seahawkspartan Lonewolf260 for getting used in that trailer (00:29)!
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