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S648, I moved your topic to a new thread to prevent off topic discussion, cool pics.

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Hello all I just signed up a few days ago thought I would share these pics, The red lines are one inch squares the lines inside are at a half inch.

here are a few pics of some Halo pistol kits I bought


This pic is one pistol to size and one scaled down
the pistol scaled down is from Halo 2

My nine mill placed on top of halo kit for scale
Hey, looks brillant. I was wondering, is there a tutorial to make the Battle Rifle, Magnum and SMG? Because I saw some made out of wood and at the end, they looked so close to the real thing.
ReheatedHeroics said:
that thing looks ungodly huge. Do you have a pic of someone holding it?

And ungodly HUGE it is, even for my big bear paws :D

I will have to get a friend to take the picture
and I will post it as soon as I can

Spartan 648
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I definitely feel quite a bit sorrier for all those sleeping grunts I merrily pistol whipped in the h1 campaign now that I know how big it is.
it shouldnt be that big...so is the rest of the group is the same size as master chief?
link4044 said:
it shouldnt be that big...so is the rest of the group is the same size as master chief?

The Quote below is from the maker of the Halo Pistol

" I'm not sure if people realize how big it is. I was able to use the actual model from the game and when scaled up to 50cal it's huge. Just make's you realize what an imposing figure the masterchief is."

I remember when the project started for the smaller pistol I have pictured, When the first prototype was made it was the same size
and the guy scaled it down to people size.

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"People-sizing" halo items means that you take the length, width, height, divide by seven, and subtract that number from the original Halo size.

Personally, I'm 6'-1", so when I "people size," I plan everything for a 6' masterchief.

For example, a 7-foot tall masterchief turns into a 6 foot tall masterchief.
7 / 7 = 1
7 - 1 = 6

Or.. the same thing in inches:
(84/7 = 12)
84 - 12 = 72
This looks great but Just wondering.
Did any one find out were this kit came from and do they sell these also do they have any other weapons :D
if so please PM me with details. :D
Could I also get a PM with the info for that kit...

Will try my luck with the smaller items first.. ;)
The smaller pistols were a one time deal
and the orginals were made on one of those 3D prototype machines
that lay down a layer of plastic until the final piece is finished
and the maker of the smaller gun no longer makes those.

I have sent a email to the maker of the larger pistol
but I have not received a reply yet, I will let you all know
when I hear from him.

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Dammit, only after I finish university do i find a use for their stereoscopic lithography machine...

Considered doing some resin casts of it?
I have one of your original prototyped halo 2 pistols and another resin copy, but I like the up sized version much better.
If anyone has a kit or completed up-sized version gun for sale please PM me. thanks

briar, who are you talking about when saying "your"?
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