Halo Prophet Costume/Model


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Out of curiosity has anyone designed/or tried to create a costume or life size model of one of the prophets? Just something, I've never seen before.

Sean Anwalt

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I literally just thought that exact same thing like, 5 hours ago. Would be cool.

But to my knowledge, I do not believe there is.


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A bit gross, but yeah I think it'd be cool and different. No idea how you would go about it, especially if you wanted to go all out Regret style with the chair.


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No, never. Would like to do the Crowns after I've seen them in H2 Anniversary - they're gorgeous!
Would a costume also entail the antigravity throne? Would be alot of work. A statue seems more reasonable than a wearable costume, I think ....


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I saw a thread showcasing a life size brute which inspired me to think about species that would most likely be too hard to make a costume for like you said. I think a statue or something similar would suffice and the chair could just be on a translucent stand. The anniversary crown and chair alone would honestly look amazing with how much detail the HD remakes added to them.

Lieutenant Jaku

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APOModern the easiest way to make a prophet costume would be, make a throne out of a rolling chair, or something similar. next make a cloak with the metal neck guard thing, your head will go in here. next make a mostly hollow statue of the prophets face, preferably with a few holes to make breathing easier, come up with some way to see. now you sit in the chair, under the cloak and you are the arms (also need to make like prophet hand gloves) and you can just roll around.