Halo reach armor


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I am going to be busy with creating all of noble team's armor for my halo reach movie
What should I use for the foam to harden it
Most folks don't actually harden their Foam armor, as that is counter productive to why they chose that medium in the first place, flexibility, compressible, and light weight. They will seal it so it takes paint, but they will not harden it to add rigidity.
There are products out there that you can use to harden foam. I unfortunately forget the name of it but TurboCharizard used it on the spiker he game me for Christmas (hopefully he won't mind telling me what it's called again). It's really handy because the spiker has two very large, flat blades on the front that would bend of fold if they didn't have any extra support. For larger pieces of armour though, it isn't necessary to harden the foam. I, for example, used 12mm EVA floor mats to make my armour. I simply sealed the armour with a heat gun, sprayed it with plasti dip and primer, and then painted it. There is no hardener involved in my crafting process, which allows be to take advantage of the flexibility of the foam, rather than having totally rigid armour.

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