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Sooo... kaween had this brilliant idea to give everyone a trinket during this Gamescom and he decided he wanted to print out personalized Halo Reach Combat knives.

I offered my help and Kaween has sent me the blades. With time I got 15 personalized blades - all with 405th logo, Gamescom 2016 and each name of the attending member.

First off I sanded down blades. These all lighter blades are already sanded down and Kris's balde on top is untouched.
I didn't bother with too much sanding as I didn't want all the lines to disappear.


Here I already primed the blades.


Aaand I after I sprayed them silver.


Here is where I started to paint them by hand. I chose to paint all the 405th logos like they are - not just black wash, but I wanted to do 405th justice and painted these light blue with some darker blue.
Aaand black wash for all other letters.


Weathering stage.


And finished! For comparison - this is a photo WITH flash, next one without flash.


And all blades finished.
Why I didn't want to sand down and fill all the printing lines? Because it gave a nice texture for the blades. With the weathering it gave that nice effect IMO.


Sorry I don't have any detail photos of the finished blades or whole knife. I hope Kaween has some or any of the people who got the knives. ;)


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Damn, those are sweet!

What a fantastic idea!

Soooooo jelly.

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Sweet Idea :D *Would like to have one* I will make my own knife when im done preparing everything to make my first armor Xd.


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Thanks. All credit goes to awesome kaween for the great idea he had and printing these awesome things. ^^
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Those are amazing!!!!!! kaween fantastic idea and print-work and Mara, as usual, unbelievable paint job.


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That's such a good idea! Always nice top have a little memento of a con, especially if it's personalised like you have here